A Glimpse of Washington, DC

Oh, it was lovely! And it wasn’t even cherry blossom season…I can only imagine that gorgeousness.

My experience with big cities is pretty limited so I was expecting a city laid out like LA or NY. So not the case. And it may have just been the time of year we were there but not real crowded. (Except at the Lincoln Memorial. Lots of people there.)

The museums. The architecture. Let me tell you those people love their marble and columns!

The weather was perfect. One day was even nice enough that we walked the Mall and didn’t even have to wear jackets. But it did start snowing on our last night there. My experience with snow is just about the same as my experience with big cities but it was beautiful and everything I could have pictured it to be.

Oh, and the memorials! Again with the marble and columns and good gracious the stairs! But so worth seeing. Jefferson was my favorite I think. I was surprised by how emotional the Vietnam Memorial was. And the Korean War Memorial was pretty amazing too.

Altogether it was more than I expected…more than can be seen in one trip and I want to go back one day. And maybe, just maybe, during cherry blossom season.

We walked in the snow our last night to see the White House.

White House in the Evening

All of the buildings are simply beautiful. And HUGE.

The Capitol Building was pretty impressive as well. And big. And lots of security. I understand the need for it and I’m not complaining at all but man, did I feel like I kept dressing and undressing all day long! I’m sure that has got to be one of the most boring jobs in the world but at different places the guards could be chatty and pretty informative.

The Capitol Building Washington DC

One day we walked aver 13 miles. It’s such a pretty place with so  much interesting stuff to see that I didn’t mind at all. My feet minded at the end of the day though. Because of the snow on our last day a lot of places were shut down and we ended up spending a lot of time at the shopping mall. I treated myself to a pedicure 🙂

Street Scene Washington DC black and white

It’s so quiet and hushed at the war memorials. The weight of freedom and the lives lost to secure it lands heavy. The reality of just how many people died and how many lives have been affected is staggering.

Vet War Memorial

Finding a name on the Vietnam Memorial

I was surprised by just how massive the Lincoln Memorial is. And I mean massive.
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Memorial and the Moon

Yep, the Jefferson was definitely my favorite.

Jefferson Memorial in Winter

I think he had reason to tremble. And I think we all should still tremble.
Jefferson Monument and Quote

My goodness, what can you say about the Library of Congress? Except please can I go back? It is just stunning. The artistry and scope has to be seen to be believed and even then it’s hard to grasp.

Library of Congress Details

The art galleries are fantastic. We spent several hours in the National Art Gallery on the first day and towards the end I felt like the person who sat at the holiday feast table and ate so much that by the end of the meal they could no longer taste anything. My mind just went on overload.
National Gallery of Art Collage

I loved seeing artist set up in front of some great work trying to capture their own masterpiece. The attention to detail in these artworks is so incredible.

I know even less about modern art than I do about big cities and snow except that I don’t care for it at all. We went to one modern art gallery and I found it to be oppressive. The “art” seems destructive and hopeless and I would much rather wander around looking at collections of works crafted hundreds of years ago that I’ve already seen than go there again.

The trip was amazing and I’m happy to have shared the experience with Sarah. It’s not often that we get that kind of one on one time together and life is changing pretty quickly around here as she prepares graduate. I’ve heard people talk about what a terrible time it is to have the child adult in their home but I have to say all things considered it’s pretty awesome in our house.

God is gracious and kind.