Lady Summer

Lady Summer reigns over long hot days.

Boldly, she leans into the heat and breathes it in.

Without apology she dares you to do the same.

Beckons you to follow along the edge of the shore. To give into freedom, to build sand castles, to play.

She urges you to reach with both hands to grab hold of time even as you feel it slip through your fingers.

Even as her days begin to wane, she laughs as she slowly slips away.

Leaving behind thoughts and memories offered up like treasure to be enjoyed from the sea.

Lady Spring Makes Her Debut

She has waited with patience as Lady Winter held sway over the earth.

But finally her time has come and Lady Spring steps out from behind a curtain of green.

Color begins to burst from the ground. Dark gives way to light and the world begins to wake again.

Quietly gaining momentum she gathers harbingers of new life and sets them free.

And sends sweet scented blossoms drifting down the river.

In a dance to music she alone hears she scatters a confetti of petals to celebrate.

Knowing her season is short but without envy or sadness she pours out all she has and settles down by the brook, to wait while the coolness fades.

About That Tiara

It was really nice getting such positive feedback on part one of my Four Seasons project. I almost ditched every picture from the Tea With Lady Winter session though because I was second guessing and questioning what in the world I had done. Not only was I trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone but I was breaking every white balance rule known to man while I did it. The pictures looked odd to me but at the same time it was because I hadn’t gone by the rules that I was (hopefully) able to create a sense of winter which is not so easy to do in Florida 🙂

One of the questions that I’ve been asked the most is whether I will do the other seasons anytime soon or wait and do them through out the year. The answer is that I will be doing this as a year long project and will wait until we are solidly in the midst of each season before I shoot the other girls. Even though our winter here in the south doesn’t come with snow it does have a different kind of light…it’s cooler (hence the jacked up white balance in Em’s pictures) than the warmer tones you get in the other seasons. It all has a lot to do with the position of the sun and the way light just works at different times of the year.

The other comment that came up a bunch was the crown Emily was wearing. And while her pictures were probably the hardest ones I’ll shoot in this project that tiara was absolutely the easiest thing in the world to make. I have a secret pinterest board (But of course!) for this project where I put ideas and I loved the look of that particular head piece when I saw it months ago.

Literally took her five minutes to put it together.

Maybe a little longer since the cats were vastly entertained and curious about the shiny pipe cleaners.

First, she took two piper cleaners and twisted the ends together forming a circle.

Once she had the base and rescued it back from Tom who pounced on the sparkle the minute she held it up for a picture…

She was able to start adding the taller parts using pipe cleaners cut to various sizes. All she had to do was simply twist the ends around the base. Easy peasy!

I want to give another shout out to my friend Jessica at Wake Up Make Up for doing Em’s make up. She saw the look I was going for and made it even better. And I love, love, love those frosty eyebrows! You should really go check out her blog…it’s not just about make up but also decorating and right now she has the cutest post up about her youngest son’s lumberjack birthday party.

Tea With Lady Winter

Brittle and unyielding with nothing to soften her edges.
Winter is like the grand Lady who partakes of her tea on the edge of her seat keeping all of the rules.
No promise found like in the hope of Spring.
Fiercely rigid she lacks the impetuousness of the summer heat.
Pensive as she sweeps across the earth, austerely grieving the death of autumn’s boisterous colors. 
Until, alone and spent, she drops her frigid crown and curves in on herself and waits.