Friday Favorites ~ My Recent Images

I take a lot of pictures. To be fair, I don’t take nearly as many right now as I have in the past but it’s still a lot of photos. It’s the glory of digital I guess. I can take all of the random shots because it doesn’t cost me anything to do so.

And it works out because I sometimes capture some shots that I really just enjoy for no other reason than they’re pretty. So here are a few of my most recent images taken in June that I happen to like well enough to share.

I found these really lovely wildflowers at Holly Beach and brought some home to enjoy. They did not disappoint.

And then of course I got super excited to see the sprouts popping up in the flowerbed! I shared a couple on Wednesday but saved these two for today’s post because I was so pleased with them.

I love the graceful curve of this one with the stem just about to unfold. If I were a sculptor I think I would recreate this one.

This one is a favorite because I love how the seed casing is visible, even if just barely hanging on.

But last night. Y’all the sky was simply amazing! Rob and I were outside throwing balls to the puppies and I happened to glance over my shoulder and literally gasped out loud.

The sky had caught fire behind us and it was a glorious sight to behold.

Then I turned back around and was completely stunned by the most massive full rainbow I think I have ever seen in my whole life.

What an amazing God we have. I know people can use science to explain the whys and hows we get skies like this, and that’s fine. But that only points me to the fact that He designed things to work that way so that for no other reason we get to stand under a sky such as that. I mean, doesn’t that blow your mind just a little?

Have a good weekend, y’all!

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. ~ II Corinthians 9:8

Friday Favorites

Have you ever gone to the beach and watched the sun set?

It happens so fast! And the whole sky changes dramatically from one moment to the next.

This image was taken at 6:19pm on Sunday. The sky was an amazing red color and just gorgeous.

Ft Pickens, beach, sunset

I took this one seven minutes later at 6:26pm. The fire in the sky had become a gentle dusk blue.

Both of these are straight out of the camera with only a little bump in exposure on the bottom one to see Claire’s sweet profile a little better.

The lesson to be learned here?

Life can change fast. No matter what moment you are in the next is bound to be different.

Life Is Good

We spent much of yesterday at the Naval Aviation Museum. The huge aircraft hanging everywhere or placed where we can get up close and personal is impressive but honestly my favorite part is the miniature aircraft carriers. Ironically, I am more aware and amazed by the sheer size of those ships when I see them scaled down.

Pensacola NAS museum air craft carrier miniature

Pensacola NAS air craft carrier miniature

After we had meandered around a while we went to the lighthouse and enjoyed a picnic under the shade of some huge old oak trees.

Pensacola NAS lighthouse

We walked along the beach and just enjoyed the beautiful day. While I cannot say that it was cool, the day was unseasonably not hot.

 Claire rolled her capri pants up as far as she could and splashed in and out of the water. She also drew in the sand.

She was with her people and all was well in her world.

And indeed it is.

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Know what movie that quote comes from? Only one of the greatest movies of all time. The Princess Bride has been a family favorite for years and apparently lots and lots of other people think so too. Tons of memes have been created using the phrase and show up all over the internet.

It was the first thing I thought of the other day when Sarah returned home after visiting with my Mother. She handed me this:

It’s label suggest a wholesome tasty and healthy snack right? Only that’s not what was inside.

These were.

Needless to say my kids were ecstatic. And they will  probably have a very skewed reaction to the suggestion of red grapefruit for the rest of their lives too 😉

Little Girls and Horses

What is it about little girls and their love for horses? I’ve only met a very few that didn’t get all gaga over the four legged creatures. Of course it’s also been said that all horses, at least once in their lives, deserve to be loved by a little girl.

I guess it’s a perfect match for Miss C and Shorty then because this girl loves her horse! I was so excited about their pictures because even in camera I knew they were gorgeous…the sweet affection between the two combined with the perfect afternoon light made the whole session a breeze. Not to mention is was followed up with the best grilled hamburgers I’d had in a long time and some good times hanging out with good friends. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing photography?)

How cute is she? Miss C is in my daughter’s class and she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. We’ve truly been blessed to know her family and call them friends.

The Vacation In My Mind

Beautiful light + little paper umbrellas + overexposure = some dreamy photos a la island get away style. Seriously, can’t you hear the waves in the background and smell the coconut suntan oil? You’d never know that all around these little cuties there was party aftermath. Sometimes the magic quietness of photographs is that they can create a world all their own…one where I can grab the girly drink in my mind and head down to the shore to put my toes in the sand.
Just for a minute…before cleaning up…and laundry…want to come with me?

Pool Time Fun

We’ve learned that there are twos ways to view having a pool. They are a lot of work and not worth it or, and this is us, they are a lot of work and worth it. It gets so hot and humid here in Florida and we have a lot of little guys running around in our world so having the pool is a lifesaver. And a lot of fun!

Although apparently you can be just as happy with a water hose and a willing victim.

 And baby floatie mats can make great disguises…he looks like something out of Despicable Me, doesn’t it?


I think maybe he was doing the robot dance as he got out of the pool??

Pencil dive!

Photo bomb fun because that’s the way Sam rolls.

Cannon ball!!!

It’s a flipping good time!

Sam’s World ~ I’m Not Ready

Knowing Sam has been having a very difficult time controlling his tongue lately, I sat beside him on the bed while he put his shoes on to go to his art lesson.
“Hey, Bud, you’ve been having a hard time lately listening and being qui–“
Cutting me off, “I know I should just stop talking.”
“No, Sam I just want you to know you can’t do that with Mr. K.”
“I never do that to him. I never will. It’s just you and Dad.”
Smiling a little at his forthrightness, “You shouldn’t do it with us either. Why do you do it with Mom and Dad?”
He shrugs, “I don’t know. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.”

And that about sums up the situation we’re currently in with our precious boy, autism, and puberty. None of us have any idea what we’re doing. Thankfully Rob, having been a boy going through puberty, knows way more than either Sam or I. Which means he has insight into what his son is feeling and can soothe my anxiety because I am completely clueless. I mean, seriously, I had three sisters and any male cousins I had were older or lived away. I pretty much thought puberty for boys made them stink and grow hair and stuff. Turns out boys are just as hormonal as girls, only instead of tears you get a sort of anger and a need to fight dragons.

Sunday night saw a melt down of epic proportions with Sam, something we haven’t seen in a really long time. The last one that I really remember as ‘bad’ was a few years ago when someone bumped into him and his lemonade spilled. Sam has always freaked out over spills…like crying and babbling and an overall physical reaction. Sunday was not a spill but it was all that plus more. It took hours for him to settle back down.

And this is what I realized. I never forget Sam has autism but I can forget how hard autism can be. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that gut wrenching fear for my son…that somehow this is it and we won’t be able to reach any further in to pull him any further out. The fear that this time we won’t find the key that unlocks a situation for him…that somehow we’ve lost that sweet little boy that I love so much.

My husband is much wiser than I and of course much calmer. (Thank you God!) He reminded me that we’ve been here before and that we’ve figured it out. And Sam has figured it out. And that it will happen again. So I took a deep breath and grabbed the reins of my run away emotions.

On Monday Sam did ok. His unwillingness to accept an answer that he doesn’t like causes some serious mouth trouble…either with babbling or just flat out arguing. It’s all wrapped up with silly hand motions and weird mouth contortions. Dinner that night got a little fractious because he wanted to say something that for several reasons we didn’t want him to say. There was a brief skirmish as father and son squared off. Father won and the result was Sam needed to eat his dinner in silence. Which he did. For twenty minutes he ate without talking, making strange noises, or flapping his body all over the place. It was a victory because he had found the self control to do what was asked of him.

Later that evening father and son squared off again. This time over a ginormous bowl of popcorn that Sam had made. There was some back talk over being told he couldn’t eat it all and when he refused to stop carrying on about it, he wasn’t allowed to have any. (This is a major penalty for the boy…popcorn is one of his absolute favorite snacks.) While not as distraught as I had been the night before, my heart was still heavy for him. And I’ll admit more than a little bit for myself. I was having visions of the next few years being nothing but one struggle and battle after another and frankly just the thought was exhausting and sad.

You have to understand that with all the stuff that comes along with autism we’ve got this awesome kid that changes the way we see the world. He can make us laugh like nobody’s business and is just generally a joy to be around. The idea that a flood of hormones would possibly wash all that way is very disturbing to me. I think it’s what every parent feels as they realize their child is growing up only we have this twist on it because  Sam isn’t going to grow up like the rest of the world. And we’re not really sure what that means. Currently there is very little in place for adults with autism. All the money and effort is put mostly into early intervention and research. I get it. I understand why things work the way they do but it seems a little short sighted to not realize that autistic children will become autistic adults and that they will still have needs. But I guess that is just the next part of our journey with Sam and my husband is completely right…we’ll figure it out. And Sam will figure it out too.

He did with the popcorn Monday night. After he was in his room for QT (quiet time) he delivered this telegram to our room.

Dear Mom and Dad,
By the time you read this, I will be playing regretfully. I’m so sorry about what I said. I will no longer eat popcorn so late but will by day.

So my boy may be taller than me already. And he may be starting to stink and grow hair and stuff but that sweetness is still there. And that makes this mamma’s heart very very happy.