Hello Monday

Well, last week went by rather quickly, didn’t it? It must have been the holiday which is funny to me because as a child the holidays seemed to make time slow down. Christmas break seemed to last forever but with my own kids it seems like we head back to school before I have really gotten settled into the break.

Of course this shift in my perspective on time could be because I might be getting old.

Regardless of how fast or slowly it went for you I hope it was a good day. We had friends over and an abundance of food. It was a laid back kind of day with some of us working in the kitchen and some of us outside keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. One family got here and their son was literally in the pool for less than three minutes before a back flip off the diving board went awry and there were some tears, blood and a big ol’ goose egg on his noggin.  Thankfully everyone stayed calm and he was pretty brave about the whole thing. (It totally helps that mom is a nurse and so is Sarah so he had more than enough medical professionals around to evaluate him.)  After sitting with some ice on his head for a while he was soon splashing around again and I am happy to report that subsequent back flips went much better.

As I already mentioned there were copious amounts of food. We’ve been grilling a lot lately and I was so over burgers and brats that I opted for chicken shish kabobs on the menu. Since we were doing those we of course had to make some lamb kabobs as well. We did make some burgers for the kids too but more about that in a minute. We noshed on chips and dips and salsa, and delicious cheeses. Oh and fruit! My goodness, the cherries were delicious and sweet! Blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and watermelon. Don’t you just love the abundance of summer fruit goodness? And there is something so solidly celebratory found in simple uncomplicated foods with everyone gathered around munching. It was a feast to be sure.

Now about those burgers…

IMG-0125One of my besties was working with me in the kitchen assembling the kabobs when she glanced over and saw me patting out my burgers. She mentioned that she has the name of a good therapist should I need one for any other ocd-ish tendencies I might have but also said my method, if you will, of shaping my patties needed to make it to the blog. Honestly, I’ve been doing it this way for so long that I hadn’t given any thought to how it looks. Basically, I smoosh out all of the ground beef into a rimmed baking sheet and then use a margarita glass to cut out the patties. It ensures they’re all the same thickness and size and that means they cook evenly. My friend joked that she hadn’t put that much thought into her burger making but there you have it. My handy dandy if somewhat weird way of making burgers.

IMG-0124 (1)

In closing I will confess that I am a total firework curmudgeon. I find them to be magical and seeing them always delights my soul. I don’t really even mind the crowds when watching them. But, and I am pretty sure this circles back around and confirms how this post started, the older I get the less inclined I am to stay up late enough to be somewhere to watch them in person, and good gracious THE HEAT. I hate sticky humid heat and I live in Florida people, so that is the kind of heat we usually have. And while I don’t mind the crowd watching the show I do not care for trying to leave in that same crowd. Sitting in a car way after my bedtime stuck in bumper to bumper traffic after sitting in that wet Florida heat quickly kills any magic to be found in seeing sparkles in the sky for me, no matter how grand they may be. Thankfully, last week we had gone to the beach with some friends who just happened to have sparklers to share and the night before my husband and son had been at a baseball game that concluded with fireworks so Sam wasn’t overly disappointed by my curmudgeonly-ness.

All and all it was a good day and the feasting and celebrating continued with dinner with friends on Friday evening and celebrating Sarah’s birthday on Saturday. Two of her friends joined us and we were delighted to celebrate their engagement.

Which happened on July 4th.

Under the magical fireworks downtown.

There. Circle complete. I am definitely getting old.