Fly Away

I took this series a few years ago. I remember walking out to the car in the early morning fog and hearing all of this noise and not seeing anything at first. But then as I looked over the trees I could see the birds. I’ve always been fascinated watching flocks, the graceful way they swoop and move as one. I wasn’t sure if I had time to grab my camera but I had to try. They started to fly away just as I came back outside.

Flashback Friday

You might have noticed how quiet it’s been around here the last couple of weeks. The whole family went down with some sort of fever/coughing/stuffy head/wish-we-were-dead bug that is going around.
But I have been shooting a lot; it’s just been more event type photos and work for my girls’ school.

I did get to do an engagement session for a sweet couple in our church. The wedding is in April with a beautiful outdoor picnic reception. I can hardly wait to take the pictures! This is one of my favorites from their session.

One of the things I love about photography is how the pictures tell part of a story. These moments can happen randomly on their own or you can set things up and create a mini story with just a snapshot. I used to  take part in a photo challenge game where you were given a word to interpret and which ever image people thought best fit the definition won. Since I have started going back over some of my older work I thought I’d share one today from when I played that game. I’m pretty sure I won this round too. Want to guess the word?

The answer is in the comments 🙂
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