The December Photo Project

Happy first day of the December Photo Project! I have been participating in this yearly event for about eight years now and I am so ready for it this year because, hello? Global pandemics have a way of taking it out of you!

Honestly, the start of covid had very little negative impact in my life. As a matter of fact the lockdown was practically pleasant because it brought all of our normal hustle and bustle to a halt. I am grateful for the way my local and state government has handled the situation but the last few months have begun to take their toll despite that. Our world has become brittle and so quick to flare in anger and ugliness and it is hard to not give over to the fog of anxiety.

Life is hard right now and I have felt it in my soul. It takes work not to be overcome or pressed down. For a lot of people I know they fought back by jumping into the holiday spirit early and with gusto. More power to them and for this year I have no judgement for early decorating, blaring the Christmas tunes, and going ahead and buying that eggnog in October. I get it. I almost did the same because how are your spirits not lifted by twinkle lights?

But I made myself wait. It had become as much of a spiritual battle for me as a mental one. I needed to lean into the darkness. To feel the sense of almost hopelessness that was as effective at sucking the life out of us as the hot humid summer air.

Because I needed to put my hope outside of this place. I didn’t want a distraction, I wanted deliverance. To see the brokeness and know that a promise had been made and a promise had been kept. I needed to yearn for the first match flare of the Advent candle as a reminder, as a comfort, that still another promise has been made and will be kept.

The world needed a Messiah and He came. He was born and He lived and He died and yet lives again.

He has come.

He will come.

So now I inhale the deep promise of His faithfulness and I look past the darkness to the hope of Christ and my soul is quieted, I find peace.

And because He is more kind than we deserve He lets us have the rhythm of times and seasons and the joy of rituals. A small but so enjoyable means of grace in each year for me is the fun of joining other people from all over in a photo project the month of December. Sometimes I will get my big camera out and other times it will just be a quick grab with my cell phone but every day (or nearly abouts) I will share a picture from my day. A visual diary of all that is good and fun and beautiful. And there is much of that to be found even in the midst of a pandemic.

One way of coping with the odd times we find ourselves in is by finding the humor in it. Maybe it has something to do with the old adage, “If I didn’t laugh I would cry”? I know I have been a amused by various things in 2020 and as I was preparing cards that I will be selling at a Christmas Market this weekend I hopefully channeled some of the whimsical haha of the year.

I don’t know if others will find it as funny as I do but making a Christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls seemed sort of fitting to my way of thinking. I hope it tickles your funny bone too. And I also love a good word pun hence the “Merry Christmas Dear!” with the cute little jewel on his nose.

DPP 2020 ~ Day 1