Vince And Kait

Sometimes last minute things just work. One day in the beginning of June my friend Mel (of Our Blessed Arrows fame) sent me a text asking if there was anyway I could possibly photograph her oldest daughter’s surprise engagement that afternoon. She and her about to be future son-in-law were plotting and planning and while Mel figured she could probably get a few pictures with her cell phone she decided to see if I could be there.

Now I have photographed all kinds of events from family, children, and senior sessions, a 95th birthday, engagement pictures, weddings, 50th anniversary celebrations, gender reveals, maternity and even a birth. I’ve also been blessed to have the privilege of recording some of life’s more difficult moments when friends lost their one month old baby and another said goodbye to her husband too soon. I had never ever photographed an actual proposal though and for that reason alone I would have been excited to do it. But this was also some of our dearest friends and I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to photograph this special moment.

Turns out I am a stinkin’ ninja. They never even saw me and Vince was kind of looking for me when he wasn’t down on one knee asking Kait to spend the rest of her life with him.

Last week I got together with the happy couple and we had such a great time in downtown Pensacola shooting their engagement pictures. I love how diverse the downtown area is with so  many varied backgrounds all within walking distance to take advantage of. We started near Plaza Ferdinand and just meandered around Palafox Street before ending our time together on the pier.


Vince is completely smitten with Kait and it was so sweet to see the way he looks at her.
Of course Kait is equally smitten with Vince. 
I love Pinterest and I encourage my clients to make use of it when preparing for sessions. Everything from planning what to wear and picking out favorite poses. I make sure to explain that it is for inspiration and that we won’t be making exact recreations. I mean, we live in FL so that gorgeous California mountain light just isn’t going to happen here and unless you and yours are the exact same size and shape as the people in the photo logistically it’s just not going to look exactly the same. Knowing all of that we pulled up the Pinterest board we had created for their session and found a few that we really liked. I think it only took us about nine or ten times to finally get this shot the way we liked it. 

There was a bout of Rock, Paper, Scissors and a few rounds of thumb wrestling and even a game of arm wrestling.
I don’t think Vince was worried about loosing.

This was one of my absolute favorites from their session. I’m not sure exactly why…maybe the way they’re looking at each other, so completely sure that they’re each other’s other, the part that fits and connects like no one else has or will. Whatever it is or however you describe it I hope they always keep looking at each other that way.
Vince and Kait, I am so excited for you both and cannot wait for your wedding. Until then may you both jealously guard and protect the love God has so generously given to the both of you. 
And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality,
I’d find you and I’d choose you

Throw Back Thursday…Sort of

Most of the photography I do is for family and friends and people connected to my community of church and the kids school. Every now and then though I get contacted by a friend of a friend kind of thing and that’s how I came to meet this sweet  couple. Tim’s mother is a long time friend of my sister’s neighbor and family friend so when they mentioned wanting to do engagement pictures a few months ago my name popped up and I’m so glad it did.

We actually did the pictures back in April (hence the blog post title)  during spring break when his parents were visiting so it was a family event. Both Tim and Abbey are students at a local Christian college and the wedding will be back in her home state but they wanted their engagement pictures done here.

Because I hadn’t met them before I was a little nervous but they were all so laid back and happy it was easy for us to settle into good rhythm and we got some really sweet pictures.








Congratulations to you both, Tim and Abbey! I know you are counting down the days until the BIG day and I pray that you continue to find love in each other and in the details of all the planning.

Being in love is not merely a feeling.
It is a deep unity maintained by the will
and deliberately strengthened by habit;
reinforced by the grace which both partners
ask and receive from God.
~ CS Lewis

Things I Saw

I’ve been walking a lot lately, mainly at the gym, but with the weather so nice I just hate the idea of doing my exercising indoors, you know?

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I didn’t have somewhere pressing to be first thing in the morning so I headed downtown for my walk.

It was such a beautiful day and before I knew it I had walked five miles. My time was a little slower per mile than usual but I am chalking that up to a rougher terrain. At least that’s my story and I am sticking to it!


No idea what these are but their cheerful red caught my eye.

Poor confused crepe myrtle…is it still summer?

I love the beautiful greenery that grows up so many walls and fences downtown.

This hill is much steeper in person, trust me. Especially at the end of the five mile walk.

Technology is an amazing thing. This little app on my phone tracks distance, how many steps and how long I walked, and calories used. Pretty useful for a gal trying to be all healthy, isn’t it?

For the record I took all of these pictures with my phone. Rob thought I had taken my camera camera with me. I didn’t because
1.) It’s kind of bulky and heavy and 
2.) I was exercising, people. Maybe a little slower than some but I was booking it as fast as this forty four year old new to physical exertion woman could book. One day I will be faster. One day I might even be a runner I think.

Just The Right Time

Ansel Adams, a famous pioneer in photography, once said “Sometimes, I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.”

That is exactly how I felt with Gary and Bethany’s engagement pictures. All the necessary parts that make for a successful session fell into place with an ease that was uncommon, including meeting a total stranger that was willing to allow us to use her beautiful courtyard for pictures.
Pensacola, engagement, portrait photography

Pensacola, engagement portraits, Pensacola area photographer
The courtyard was almost magical with it’s winding ivy and lush greenery but what really made the session magical is the connection between Gary and Bethany. The only way I can sum it up is that they are perfectly suited to one another. 
Have you ever heard of the word lagniappe? It’s that little extra something something. There is a sense that God has added a little lagniappe to Gary and Bethany’s story…to their love for one another. It was pretty sweet being a part of that for the morning and capturing it with the camera. The right place at the right time to paraphrase Mr. Adams. 

So sweet that I got totally caught up in the moment and forgot to get an individual portrait of Gary after this beautiful one of Bethany.
I  hope that means we get to do a part two session the next time they’re in town 🙂
Gary and Bethany, may the Lord continue to bless you and make His face to shine upon you. And may you always so joyfully share that lagniappe He has given you with those around you. Thank you for letting be be a part of this special time in your lives!