DPP – Day 3

What a day! Claire and I enjoyed our first 4-H field trip and it was a lot of fun. We went to a Christmas tree farm which was also a first for me I think. Growing up we had real trees but the “farm” was usually a parking lot of some sort.

Grant’s Tree Farm was o-mazing! Besides thousands of gorgeous trees in various sizes they also grow sugar cane and make syrup. A bunch of goats and other farm animals, two mazes, an awesome playground…honestly the list goes on.

They did a tour of sorts and shared the history of the farm, and explained the growing process for both the trees and sugar cane. It was fascinating.

And beautiful. They also have a huge sunflower field and a long stretch of zinnias. And you know what that means!

Flower pictures and butterflies.

So even though it’s December and there are twinkle lights aplenty and other assorted Christmas themed photo ops my offering for this third day of the DPP is one of my favorite butterfly shots from today.

I realize I could crop it closer to really force the focus onto the butterfly but then I would lose the almost watercolor-esque background and I just needed to keep it intact. I love the blur (bokeh for you technical people) I get from using my 135 lens. My one and only zoom lens spent the majority of the day on my camera but I knew when I had the freedom to do the flowers that I wanted to change it up and get a little more creative with the shots. This is the reason it’s my favorite lens.

Happy Friday, y’all!