Well That Was Easy And Doing Things Again

I have been blogging off and on for many many years. The blog before this one is the first one that I got really serious about and paid for the domain name and everything. It was for a season of my life though and when I took my two year hiatus I closed it down so it was no longer visible to people. When I wanted to start blogging again I created this blog but under a different name and I think I posted about 15 times in 2018. So, when I wanted to start blogging again again I wanted this to be my home…my online space.

What to do with the old blog? The one with hundreds of posts, some of which I am pretty fond of, hundreds of recipes, and pictures galore. I didn’t know so it has just been sitting there all tucked away. Until this morning. With the click of a button over 6000 posts, pages, and pictures were backed up to my computer and then magically exported here, to this place.

That’s right. If you are curious about what the children were up to in 2012 or what I was thinking about in 2014 all you have to do is click on the little archive button to the right, select the year and the month and bam! there it is in all my incorrect grammatical glory.  It’s a bit daunting like suddenly finding your old diaries in a box of old pictures. A wee bit embarrassing but full of bits and pieces of my life and lots of nostalgia.

Now, I guess I just keep going with this new place and it’s two extra rooms. I like the feel of all three spaces and I think I will keep She Feeds Her Family for all things food related as it’s own place. But that third room? Just A Glimpse may get a bit of an upgrade because I am going to start taking pictures again. Seriously, as an actual structured business.

I got started in photography because I loved it and also because I couldn’t afford the prices of real photographers. I wanted to take good pictures of my kids. I wanted to create something. I got good enough that people started asking me to take their pictures. And they were willing to pay me something for it. But I applied what I could and could not afford to the process of charging and it wasn’t long before I was plenty busy with not much to show for it except time spent away from my family and stress.

It happened over time though and I wasn’t even aware of how much joy in actual picture taking I had lost until one day I was editing a bunch of pictures with a bunch more to be edited ahead of me and I realized I just wanted to be done. I just didn’t care. So I finished up the projects I had and then set my camera down.

IMG_0015 (1)For almost two years I rarely picked up the camera and this was a big deal. For fifteen years it was a rare day that I didn’t pick up my camera and shoot something. Fifteen years to nothing.

And I haven’t regretted it at all. It was good for me.

Lately things have started shifting again. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few things and the love for photography has been stirring. But the time off has helped me learn some things. I am blessed in that my life is not dependent upon that income but it does make a contribution and at this point in our lives photography is a low impact way to supplement things.

However, what I learned from before is it is okay to let money be a part of it.  I can take what I love doing and what I am good at and let it be more than a hobby or a little side hustle. To that end I have been doing some research and I will be pricing my services competitively for our area and that means I will not be as cheap as I was before. And I am going to not feel bad about that. Well, I am working on not feeling bad or apologetic about that. Because I really do want you to have beautiful pictures of the people in your life that matter to you or a lovely reminder of a beautiful and special event in your life and I love being part of that. But I don’t want that desire for you to eat me alive like it did before.

I am getting good with realizing I do not have to shoot everything and everyone no matter how much I might love the people involved. But here is the other part of that. I’m not going to feel bad about charging a fair price for my time and skill and if you think it is more than you want to invest in pictures I’m not going to be mad at you. It’s okay for you to say no thank you too. Seriously.

Honestly, I have this fear that this venture is going to fall flat on its face, that I’m going to fall flat on my face. What if no one hires me? What if I am putting this effort into putting myself out there and nothing happens?

Well, I just have to be okay with that, don’t I? Because what I am learning, what I have learned as I stepped into the blog world again and now into photography, is that life cannot be lived mired in fear. I don’t want to live afraid to try things or do things I enjoy and love because I’m afraid of it not working out. Or worse, actually working out and now being responsible for something.

The way I see it my task is to keep my priorities straight, be wise about what I am doing, and do it to the glory of the One who gives me life and let Him bless it as He sees fit.

Practically speaking I still have some things to do like settle on a business name, solidify my pricing structure, overhaul that online space, and get back into the groove of shooting again, etc. To that last point I am going to be doing some Christmas mini sessions next month so watch for more information about that.

But also, pray for me. I want to do this and do it well and sometimes that is not easy because things can loom large or stuff begins to get busy and I can get panicky. Above all, I want to go forward being mindful of what is truly important, the people I love and the community I am a part of and knowing that these are just things I do but not who I am. I want to joyfully and fully image forth the Creator by living creatively.

And I would love to have you join me in this adventure.




What Inspires Me

Last week’s photography theme caused me no little problem.

So much so that I didn’t do it. Usually I may be late in just posting but I try really really hard to take the picture during the specified time frame. But last week I just could not make it happen.

The theme was inspiration and for the life of me I couldn’t nail down an image that would reflect what inspires me. Bits and pieces of an answer would waft through my brain but nothing felt right or had any real substance.

Then yesterday, Claire came running inside to announce “The world’s most beautiful rainbow, Mom!” And it was one of the brightest and fullest rainbows we’ve ever seen. Even the double was pretty visible.

As I took a picture, because of  course I ran inside for my camera, I realized it perfectly represented what inspires me.

It’s life itself showing evidence of both light and shadows, the rain and the sunshine, color and clarity, faithfulness and hope…the promise of God that He has not forgotten His people despite what the news would have us believe. We are not winning or losing because He has won. We are bold and fierce as we declare His goodness through our worship, our families and the art we create. His faithfulness to us is my inspiration be it found in the face of a newborn baby, the kiss of my beloved, or a bow flung across the sky.

Think on God. Dwell on His attributes. Let it inspire you to create beauty…the tangible kind with cameras or paintbrushes or clay, or whatever. But above all let it inspire you to live beautifully…to love beautifully in the midst of the light and shadows of your life, when it rains or when the sun shines.

And The Winners Are

Each year the school has an art contest and it really is fun to see what all of the kids, not just my own, come up with.

Claire entered her autumn collage she made in class at the beginning of the year. It really is lovely and she was so proud of it! I was rather proud of myself for not loosing it since she brought it  home in December. I sort of have a reputation for putting things somewhere “safe” and then not remembering where the “safe” place is.

The other three usually enter the photography portion…no surprise there I guess but I do not do much more than hand over my camera. I have a hallway that I think is going to become a gallery space for their pictures. They’re pretty good.

Abby actually one second place for her age division! I really liked it’s homey, almost folk arty look.

Sam also took a picture of Milo, who was being more cooperative as a model than Tom. Which is a bummer because Sam was hoping to enter a picture of Tom, whom the kids enjoy calling Tubby Tubs, so that the school would announce that the winner is Tubby Tubs which they find to be hysterically funny for some reason.

Although Tom Tubby Tubs didn’t have his picture entered into the contest Sam did, in fact win. He actually won first place and we were told that his smile was huge and his happiness with that honor was quite visible.

Emily didn’t place this year but she did put in two images. One she took when she second shot a wedding with me and a neat macro shot.

I really enjoy a good macro shot and this one up close and personal of a push pin is fun.

They all did great and we’re looking forward to being creative this summer. Only two weeks left!


A Glimpse of Washington, DC

Oh, it was lovely! And it wasn’t even cherry blossom season…I can only imagine that gorgeousness.

My experience with big cities is pretty limited so I was expecting a city laid out like LA or NY. So not the case. And it may have just been the time of year we were there but not real crowded. (Except at the Lincoln Memorial. Lots of people there.)

The museums. The architecture. Let me tell you those people love their marble and columns!

The weather was perfect. One day was even nice enough that we walked the Mall and didn’t even have to wear jackets. But it did start snowing on our last night there. My experience with snow is just about the same as my experience with big cities but it was beautiful and everything I could have pictured it to be.

Oh, and the memorials! Again with the marble and columns and good gracious the stairs! But so worth seeing. Jefferson was my favorite I think. I was surprised by how emotional the Vietnam Memorial was. And the Korean War Memorial was pretty amazing too.

Altogether it was more than I expected…more than can be seen in one trip and I want to go back one day. And maybe, just maybe, during cherry blossom season.

We walked in the snow our last night to see the White House.

White House in the Evening

All of the buildings are simply beautiful. And HUGE.

The Capitol Building was pretty impressive as well. And big. And lots of security. I understand the need for it and I’m not complaining at all but man, did I feel like I kept dressing and undressing all day long! I’m sure that has got to be one of the most boring jobs in the world but at different places the guards could be chatty and pretty informative.

The Capitol Building Washington DC

One day we walked aver 13 miles. It’s such a pretty place with so  much interesting stuff to see that I didn’t mind at all. My feet minded at the end of the day though. Because of the snow on our last day a lot of places were shut down and we ended up spending a lot of time at the shopping mall. I treated myself to a pedicure 🙂

Street Scene Washington DC black and white

It’s so quiet and hushed at the war memorials. The weight of freedom and the lives lost to secure it lands heavy. The reality of just how many people died and how many lives have been affected is staggering.

Vet War Memorial

Finding a name on the Vietnam Memorial

I was surprised by just how massive the Lincoln Memorial is. And I mean massive.
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Memorial and the Moon

Yep, the Jefferson was definitely my favorite.

Jefferson Memorial in Winter

I think he had reason to tremble. And I think we all should still tremble.
Jefferson Monument and Quote

My goodness, what can you say about the Library of Congress? Except please can I go back? It is just stunning. The artistry and scope has to be seen to be believed and even then it’s hard to grasp.

Library of Congress Details

The art galleries are fantastic. We spent several hours in the National Art Gallery on the first day and towards the end I felt like the person who sat at the holiday feast table and ate so much that by the end of the meal they could no longer taste anything. My mind just went on overload.
National Gallery of Art Collage

I loved seeing artist set up in front of some great work trying to capture their own masterpiece. The attention to detail in these artworks is so incredible.

I know even less about modern art than I do about big cities and snow except that I don’t care for it at all. We went to one modern art gallery and I found it to be oppressive. The “art” seems destructive and hopeless and I would much rather wander around looking at collections of works crafted hundreds of years ago that I’ve already seen than go there again.

The trip was amazing and I’m happy to have shared the experience with Sarah. It’s not often that we get that kind of one on one time together and life is changing pretty quickly around here as she prepares graduate. I’ve heard people talk about what a terrible time it is to have the child adult in their home but I have to say all things considered it’s pretty awesome in our house.

God is gracious and kind.