DPP ~ Finishing Up

Technically the December Photo Project only goes through the 25th but most years I finish out the month. I haven’t decided yet if I will do that this year or not but I am happy that even though I posted in clumps some days I did not miss a day this year. After trying to do a 365 last year and failing miserably at it I think I may take this win and go home so to speak.

I didn’t intend to wrap things up by posting the last four days at once but I did, however, mean to wait for the 22nd and 23rd together. I made a sourdough starter for the first time this week and made bread. If you have followed the blog at all then you might remember the original starter getting knocked out of the refrigerator all.over.the.floor. a few years ago I was given a second starter but it did not make the move with us from Florida to Louisiana so I went to Pinterest and found a recipe for a starter that uses instant mashed potato flakes and here I am just like a real bread baker using my own starter!

Day 22nd ~

Day 23rd ~ All joking aside I am so happy to be able to make this bread again! I was curious if I would get a more sour flavor out of a fresh starter but it’s still the same mild but delicious bread.

Day 24th ~

We enjoyed our Christmas Eve service and then joined some friends for dinner. The theme of the meal was soups and sandwiches and boy, the men cooked up some delicious soups! I made a pot of our family favorite, roasted tomato. I did use one loaf of the bread for a bread pudding. It turned out okay even the bread itself was almost too fresh. I will plan and have better timing next batch.

Day 25th ~

This Christmas has been different for us. I told Rob it is the first time in my 50 years that I have not been with my parents and at least one of my sisters for the holiday. And, Sarah works so she and Deveon won’t be coming over until the 28th. Despite that bit of sadness it has been a really lovely day so far. The other four kids are happy with their gifts and with the other eleven days ahead we are anticipating much more celebrating. Hays is going to be coming back here while Sarah and Devon are in town so a couple of days will find us in the new territory of having the girls significant others with us for the holidays and that’s kind of exciting. I’ve texted with Florida friends this morning and while they are missed as well, everyone seems to be having a merry Christmas.

The Porter clan is actually in route to us as I type this and we are looking forward to feasting and celebrating with them this evening and worshipping together tomorrow.

So a different Christmas than what we are used to but we are so blessed by all God has done in bringing us here.

Merry Christmas!

Rejoice, friends, Christ is born!

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