DPP ~ Day 4 Viewer’s Choice

Today was much quieter than yesterday but plenty busy.

Rob and I did some running around to find him a new tool box so he can finish getting the garage all organized and set to rights. Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a couple of trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot can qualify as a “date” when you throw in lunch together?

As is the case occasionally during the DPP I sometimes can’t choose between two images. So today you get a two for one and I don’t feel bad about it because they’re both cute pictures of the cats. You can decide which one you think is the cutest and should be the Day 4 winner 🙂

First up is Tom all sweet and napping under the Christmas tree. It is his new favorite place since we put it up.

While I was sitting on the floor snagging this shot Milo came and laid down to keep me company. And the light was just perfect.

I realize not everyone is a cat person but my goodness, these fellas are just my favorites. I sure enjoy having them around.

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