A Monday on a Tuesday

We were out of town this past weekend and came back on Monday so yesterday sort of functioned as my Monday complete with accidentally pulling my blinds down off my bedroom windows, Claire dropping a whole watermelon on the floor (a surprisingly loud thump considering how big the juicy splatter was) followed by me dropping a brand new bag of cat food all over the laundry room.

Sigh. Some days are just like that I guess. But you know what? It was still a good day. I mean, you know how sometimes a Monday sort of day happens and it makes you want to just climb back into bed and hide under the covers? Thankfully it wasn’t like that. Instead it was just a day full of some ridiculousness.

Oddly enough I found myself contemplating how love covers a multitude of sins. Not because any of those Abbott and Costello incidents were sinful, because obviously they weren’t, but it would have been easy to let any one of those things derail the day and my whole attitude.

We face the same thing within our relationships, don’t you think? Little incidents come up that can really put a kink in our day and cause serious frustration within a relationship but we can choose to not let it affect us that way. Here is something I have learned about myself. If I am struggling with covering the sin of someone in my world I have forgotten the times that I needed my own sin covered and I can tell you that is a bad place to be. One really good way to combat bitterness and pride is to be humble and recognize my own need for mercy and grace.

Even when it’s not just some kind of comedy routine that we’re experiencing. Even when we are suffering very real wounds at the hands of someone else’s actions. We aren’t told to only cover the small incidental sins. We are admonished to continue to love one another earnestly because love does cover a multitude of sins. Ours is to keep loving each other because love has already covered sin and will continue to do so.

We can never run out of grace.

Later on I was editing some pictures I had taken of a couple of butterflies in the backyard and remembering how excited I was to have captured a butterfly in flight above a flower. As I went through the images my attention was caught by some shots that showed the wings in all of their ragged beauty. They weren’t in pristine condition but showed wear and tear, literally.

I’m not really sure what the connection is between what I had been pondering earlier and that little butterfly but somewhere I found something comforting in seeing how it had flown from flower to flower despite its jagged edges. It was not diminished by the signs of its suffering and neither are we when we choose to suffer the wound and cover the sin.

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