All The Rest of The Days

Man, it looks like I totally jumped ship on the December Photo Project, doesn’t it? But I only did halfway really. I have been faithful to take the images but at some point I got behind in posting and decided to just do one giant catch up post on the December 31st.

I’m seriously considering whether or not to start a 365 project but if I do I will definitely be doing a weekly posting of images. And it will more than likely be on my photography blog which I am happy to invite you to like so you can keep up with my various projects and shenanigans behind the lens.

Back to the matter at hand though. I am happy that I only missed taking a photo once during this year and my number of pictures shared in a timely manner outnumber the image dump I am putting in this post. It’s 2020 people, I am counting it a success.

Day 18 ~ Taken with my cell phone because once I saw the light across the floor in front of the tree I needed to capture it but couldn’t get my camera out.

Day 19 ~ Also, taken with my phone. My son thinks he’s funny. But considering his mother setup and photographed a toilet paper tree complete with a star on top so she could make cards he comes by it honest I guess.

Day 20 ~ Again with the phone but I promise I do have a really nice big camera and I used it during the DPP. I don’t typically carry it to church though and when a dear friend pointed out what a perfect Christmas in Florida summarization she could see from where she sits in church I knew I wanted to include it in the project.

Day 21 ~ My people know me because after my friend pointed me to a good shot the day before my kids all made sure I knew what a pretty photo I could capture of our Advent candles with the tree in the background.

Day 22 ~ Probably the saddest picture I have taken lately. My parents had to put one of their dogs down because he was just so old and poorly. It was emotional to say the least. Pets can add so much to our lives and it is hard to say goodbye even when it is for the best.

Day 23 ~ I spent the morning learning how to make French onion soup and then got to enjoy it with a whole passel of friends later that evening. At one point I looked outside to see some of the little people having a grand time.

Day 24 ~ Tom was a bit fascinated with the ribbon we put on the tree this year. He also likes the wrapping paper and shows up in another shot in a couple of days.

Day 25 ~ Nothing delights me more than giving someone the perfect gift except maybe giving my beloved the perfect gift. Actually, I played Santa’s helper on this one and just guided my children to the perfect gift for their father. Modernist Cuisine is just the gift for any of your foodie people.

Day 26 ~ Quite the adventure this day! The van had been running with zero indication something was wrong until I was trying to make a turn in a major intersection and it just would not stay cranked. Not sure what is going on but we are making do as a one car family this days. Or rather, a one pickup family.

Day 27 ~ Tom making an appearance as promised.

Day 28 ~ Claire-O is really into baking right now and watching the Great British Baking Show. Her Christmas from us was a bunch of pie making supplies and it has already become the gift that keeps giving much to the delight of the whole family.

Day 29 ~ The best looking hand pies were reserved for pictures this morning and them promptly devoured for breakfast.

Day 30 ~ I joined a really great photography group on facebook this year and I’ve really learned a lot and been inspired. A fun trick that I have enjoyed is shooting through a copper pipe. The twinkle lights of the tree make for a really great light source and I love how the image turned out.

Day 31 ~ I realize that the reality of life is that not much will change with the flip of the calendar page tomorrow but one can always be hopeful that such a fresh start, a brand new year, will bring about new things, good things. May a new normal be established and may we all walk faithfully as Christ commands.

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