DPP ~ In Which I Missed A Day

It seems that weekends are going to be a tad bit busy this month but I wasn’t expecting to not have a single photo to share from Saturday. I mean, not even a quick snap with my phone? But apparently it was so.

I had pictures from both my phone and my real camera on Friday though. I guess I wanted to make sure I was covered. Plus, the one from my phone? I would have taken it regardless of the dpp challenge. It’s not everyday that you see your 14 year old baby snoozing away with her teddy bear. The in between spaces of full on teenager and still a child squeeze a mama’s heart. Poor girl missed six days of school because of hives but I am happy to say that she has been hive free for three days now and went back to school today.

Day 11 ~ 1st one is from my phone. The second one was just because I liked the play of light and shadow by my bedroom window.

So I am really surprised that I didn’t actually take a picture on Saturday at all. But honestly, I can’t really remember the day well. I told y’all, it’s been busy around here. So right on into Sunday.

Day 13 ~ I love how beautiful our church looks all decorated for Advent and the Christmas season!

I love my African violet and frequently take its picture but the subdued light of our gray morning really caught my eye.

Day 14 ~ This guy thrives in our bathroom with all of the diffused light and steam from the shower. It was a gift from some dear friends and it really just makes me happy to look at it.

So now I am all caught up and I have only actually missed one day so far. Does that get cancelled out because some days I take more than one?

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