A Throwback Thursday Post

When I did that amazingly easy merge of my previous blog to this blog the process brought all of the old pictures with it. Amidst all of the spot the grammatical errors through the years chagrin I was delighted to see some old pictures. Today I am going to share a few just for fun.

First up…Claire wearing a red wig, a cowboy hat, and a whole lotta sass. We no longer have the wig or the hat but she still has all that sass.


The three oldest when they were a whole lot closer in height than they are now. They were having a race on the beach and if I remember correctly it was New Year’s Day and we were visiting friends who had a beach condo.


Oh my goodness, this makes me laugh! I still remember Claire running up to me, “Mama, did you see that funny face I made?!” It has always been, and still is, very difficult to get a good group shot of my offspring. But at least we I have ones like this to love.


One of my absolute favorites of the girls!


And one of my all time favorite sessions with Abby. She and I had such fun that day deciding to slip off to the beach and do so pictures.


I could just keep adding pictures to this post but I think I had better stop for now but you want to know what’s crazy? I can recall the exact day and the exact moment that I took the picture. I can remember bits of conversation and still hear the echo of giggles. Photographs are very powerful things.

Ahh, it feels good to get behind the camera again and know that I will be making more memories to store up and revisit later on down the road.

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