A Call to Confession

Our church follows a covenant renewal liturgy for our worship service. This means, among other things, that there is a call to repentance in response to our call to worship.

This week’s call to repentance was particularly beautiful to me in it’s reminder that we need to set our sin down. To leave it at the feet of Christ, confess it and believe that it has been forgiven and our lives are rescued in Him, to believe it and rejoice.

“Sin is a burden. And it is a burden that causes us to labor; the weight of it is more than we can bear. It keeps us from joy. It keeps us from peace. It keeps us from freedom. Which is to say, it keeps us from God.

But our Lord says, “Come to me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Bring your burden to Christ. He has borne it for you.”

What a beautiful truth that we can bring our sin, our dark ugly heavy burdens, and He takes those dark heavy burdens away from us and gives us joy…peace…freedom.

Confess your sin, dear one, and rejoice because your life has indeed been rescued in Him.



Feasting on the Word daily, consuming it so that it can get deep into our bones, so that we are well versed in our Story, so that we know who our God is and who we are, is a gift beyond measure.

Have you heard of the Keep the Feast Bible Reading Challenge?   It is a reading plan that enables you to read through the entire Bible in nine months along with thousands of other Christians literally all over the world. This is my second time participating in the challenge and I love it. It seeps into my bones and strengthens and nourishes me in ways that I can’t even explain.

70387830_2453130351420952_2798455533063897088_nRecently, we were having a conversation with Emily,  our second oldest child who is just learning to spread her wings in the adult world. She is trying to figure out how to do life as an adult, school, work, friends, etc. We reminded her that it was good for her to have that perspective, to recognize that she isn’t a child anymore, but to remember that she wasn’t called to do life on her own. That God had placed her in a family within a community. There is a benefit to reading Scripture with literally thousands of people around the world. There is a connectedness and a reminder that we are part of the Church universal, that God’s people are our people. If you have facebook you can join a very active group of women from everywhere and glean from them or if you do not have FB go here and find the reading plan and just follow along or maybe get your mother, sister, or best friend to join you. We all like having company when we feast, right? I will usually plug my phone into the van with an aux cord and when I am doing my carpooling or running errands I listen to the day’s readings. And it is always interesting and encouraging when I am at church or with other ladies in my life who are doing the challenge and a conversation will just spark based on something that we have read recently.

One of the greta things about the challenge is the admonishing to just pick up on whatever day it is so don’t worry about just jumping in. Just do it. You’ll be so glad you did.

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