Disappoint My Fears

That’s a beautiful line isn’t it?

Disappoint my fears.

A friend shared that with me. It’s actually part of a prayer from Thomas Chalmers. The full quote is this, “Disappoint my fears, O God, and let the remainder of my days be consecrated to Thy service, and to a busy preparation for Heaven.”



Fear is such a delusive thing. It’s vague like the smoke wisp after a flame is blown out or maybe more like the first curing tendrils of mist that creep across the earth, pale and barely there until your eyesight is murky and almost completely obstructed.


We can be afraid of just about anything and everything.

We can be afraid of being happy just as easily as being unhappy.

Afraid of being seen and known just as much as being unseen and unknown.

We can be afraid of solid real things but just as easily afraid of the shadows we conjure up in our own minds.

The what ifs and maybes.

I’m afraid to trust…

You fill in the blank with whomever it is.

What if they…

Again fill in the blank with whatever it is.

Fear paralyzes you. It keeps you from being able to move past a situation or circumstance and roots you in place. It hinders you from being able to do the things you ought and prevents you from doing the things you should.

I get it. Really I do. Bad things happen to all of us. Suffering, real hard suffering, will come to all of us at some point in time.

But our hope is not that our worst fears will not come to be. Our hope is in the fact that when it does come, when real suffering enters our lives, Christ is faithful to never leave us. Our hope is that he is faithful to bind up our wounds and to heal our brokenness.

We trust that if it does come we do not face it alone.

May our fears be disappointed because we are trusting our Father.

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