Just Tending Business

I’ve been asked recently if I am going to go back to using facebook to promote the blog and I don’t think I will. When I first started blogging social platforms like FB and Twitter where daydreams still and I sent out an email to family and friends to notify them when I had a new post up. Then, after joining Facebook, that did become the primary means for sharing a new post. But I do not really have any desire to be back on FB again so I will probably occasionally share a new post through Instagram.

I was asked to link up my blog to a type of search engine, hence this really awkward and ugly post of code. There may be a prettier way (somehow doing it incognito) to do it but following the how to literally landed me here. I kinda feel like I invited friends over to watch me mop my floors or something 🙂

To at least make it interesting you can pop over to She Feeds Her Family and check out the recipe for Egg and Mango Chutney Flatbreads or visit Just a Glimpse to look at the lovely African Violet gifted to me from some Texan friends. The mother plant is 45 years old!

So happy Tuesday, friends! Hope your week is going well.



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