DPP 2017 ~ Days 1 and 2

I took the first photo and shared it online on the first day but ran out of steam before I could post here. So I’m not going to say that I am already playing catch up and it’s only the second day but I am going to share two days at the same time 😉

Are you familiar with progressive dinners? We used to do them all of the time back in my youth group days. The idea is that several homes agree to host various parts of the dinner and the attendees travel from house to house for each course of the meal.

A friend of mine suggested doing one for the jr/sr classes of our school and it was so much fun! Since Emily is a senior we hosted the dessert portion of the evening. Because we chose to do a Christmas around the world theme the kids were able to enjoy some amazing foods. We did Sweden and hosted a glorious sugar filled night of fondue. (The good thing about doing the last stop on a progressive dinner is that no one gets to your house before 9pm so you literally have all day to prepare. The downside is that no one gets to your house before 9pm and frankly that’s my bedtime, y’all. But it was totally worth staying up and having so much fun.)

Day One~

Not everything made it into the picture. We had dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate butterscotch, and salted caramel fondues. There was a plethora of dippers with homemade pretzels, brownies, pound cake, graham crackers, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, cream puffs,  apples, and bananas.

I love the DPP and look forward to doing it every year. This is my seventh year participating and one thing I’ve learned is that it is way more interesting if every image is not centered around the holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lights, colors and sparkle of Christmas but life is still happening day to day and I like capturing those moments too.

I took today’s picture first thing. Milo wandered into our bedroom and looked so perplexed that I hadn’t raised the blinds yet. Once I obeyed his silent command opened the blinds he hopped right up and got comfy. And I got what I think is one of the coolest cat photos ever. The reflection looks almost ghostly like it’s the cat of Christmas past come to see him.

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