A Special Senior Session

One of the things I really love about being a photographer is becoming a family’s photographer…the one they call when they want/need pictures. It doesn’t even have to be a yearly event but the connection gets made stronger each time I have the privilege of capturing moments for the same people over time. I love it.

I met the Barnes family through the school our kids attended. Cameron hired me to take pictures of the kids for Christmas in 2009 and that was the first time I photographed sweet Jenna.

A year later I did mini sessions as a fundraiser and Jenna and her siblings were in front of my camera again. (How adorable was her little brother?)
After that it was family pictures and a 50th anniversary and then a 95th birthday party. I was super delighted when Cameron called back in the spring about doing Jenna’s senior pictures. (And surprised because hello? How had time flown by that fast?) They were living in Birmingham but wanted to come home on spring break and also have her pictures done. 
Jenna has grown into a lovely and talented young lady. Not only does she play the cello but she also sings and acts. She plans to attend Samford in the fall and pursue a degree in the arts.
Pensacola_senior_portraitsFt Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
I loved including her instrument in some of the pictures. 
Pensacola_musician_portraits_Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court_Martin_Luther_music_Quote
And her dress?! Oh my stars, it was fabulous and you probably recognize it from last Friday’s Favorite Photo but you couldn’t really see the gorgeous shoes she paired with it.
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
She didn’t spend her whole session in that though. She also went a little more casual in some of the pictures but still with that lovely elegance and poise.
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court

Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
We headed to Ft Pickens to finish up her session. That is a pretty popular and well known spot for local photographers but we took some of my absolute favorite senior pictures there.
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court

Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
We decided she should change back into the dress again and I am so glad we did! 
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court

Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
Cameron and I had the same thought at the same time and wonderful mama that she is she hustled back to her car and brought the cello to us. It was a perfect end to this fabulous senior session and if I ever have a studio this is going to be a giant canvas hanging on the wall.
Ft Pickens_senior_portraits_Pensacola_downtown_Aragon_Court
All told this session reminded me just how special it is to be invited into someone’s life again and again. Cameron left this comment on my facebook ~ It was just so much more than a photo session, it was a refreshing experience, and just filled up my soul with the goodness that being at home and with friends brings and it means more than I can say that the time I invest in taking someone’s pictures is about so much more than just the pictures.
So thank you, Cameron, for your sweet words and I can’t wait to see you guys in October for that 100th birthday celebration! 
Jenna, I pray that you will find much success as you seek to hone and develop your skills and talents. Also, that you will continue to use them in such a way as to bring glory to the Giver of those gifts.
The life of faith is lived one day at a time,
and it has to be lived-
not always looked forward to as though
the “real” living is around the next corner.
It is for today which we are responsible.
God still owns tomorrow.
Elisabeth Elliot

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