The Reason Why

If you hang out a round the blog at all you might have noticed more pictures being shared. There’s a reason for that.

There has been a long going debate about whether a photographer should blog every session or just some sessions. I was a blogger before I really became a photographer though and so for me I would share the occasional picture but that wasn’t the point of my first blog. As my confidence grew behind the camera I started a side blog where I did a weekly photo project. It ran into a glitch after a few years and eventually went away all though the project continued on other platforms.

Then there was this weird overlap between a lack of words on my part and more picture taking. I decided to start a whole brand new blog and Life Through My Lens was born. It didn’t take long for me to realize I don’t live my life divided up into neat little boxes and my photography spills over into my words and my words spill over into photography. But oddly enough I still never shared images from sessions on a regular basis. No particular reason why it’s just been the way it has worked out and I still don’t have an answer for the all or some question as far as which ones to blog.

However I have recently joined an online photography community and we’re encouraged to share more of our work so we can learn from each other, to get feedback and constructive criticism, and maybe show off a little. And I decided that I want to share more of the wonderful people I get to photograph. I don’t really have a reason not too. So you’ll probably start seeing more of my work on here along with the regular recipes and my own thoughts. And if I’m having a slow season I just might pull up some past sessions and share those.

All that being said, today I am going to share some of my favorite images from a newborn session I did back in May. It was pretty special for a couple of reasons. First, it was twins. Adorable could-not-be-any-more-precious twins. Second, it was the first time I have ever attempted any sort of fandom portrait and it actually turned out really, really cute.

The twins have one beautiful big sister and she was willing to get in a few pictures. This one was just so sweet!


And the boys themselves…oh my goodness they were just the cutest!


They were angels and it was one of the easiest newborn sessions I’ve ever had. Mom and Dad were both really laid back and the whole time was low key and pleasant.

Ollie is the oldest although his little brother beats him on size by a few ounces. He is quite possibly going to be a redhead.


Mom made these cute little hats for each of them.

Like I mentioned, Teddy is the younger but bigger twin. He is also as dark as his brother is fair.
I keep up with mom on facebook and it is such fun to see them growing and getting bigger.
Mom and Dad are fans of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and they brought some neat things to incorporate into a photo. It also happens that people in my house are fans of both series and so I had some things that would help make this set up come together. I might have squealed a little when I saw it on the back of my camera.
I really enjoy newborn sessions and this one was just about perfect. And, pun intended, practically magical.

14 thoughts on “The Reason Why

  1. Absolutely lovely photos, Marty! I'm so happy you will be sharing more because I am a fan! 🙂 I haven't been so good about this, so thank you for the fresh inspiration to share on my photography blog (which has been sorely neglected for a very long time…)!


  2. So glad you are going to be sharing more of your work, and these are adorable! LOVE the one with the bookcase! What an awesome idea. Look forward to seeing more of your images. 🙂


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