Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

“Pilate also wrote an inscription and put it on the cross. It read, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” John 19:19

When a person was sentenced to death by crucifixion it was customary for a sign of some sort to be made and posted detailing the crime of the condemned.  Pilate went a few extra steps and had those words inscribed three times,

 “…and it  was written in Aramaic, in Latin, and in Greek…” John 19:20
Needless to say the religious leaders were less than thrilled with Pilate’s diligence and demanded repeatedly, to no avail, that the sign be changed to say that Jesus claimed to be the King of the Jews. Pilate stubbornly declared, “What I have written I have written.” His proclamation of the Kingship of Christ was declared before all of mankind and recorded for all time. 
It’s been noted that Aramaic was the language of the Jews and as such represented the covenant and God’s law. 
Latin was the official language of the Romans, denoting human government, power and conquest. 
Greek was the language of wisdom, art, and commerce.
The inscription in these three languages insured that absolutely any person who happened by at the time of His death would know what crime Jesus had committed and for which He had been sentenced.
It also left no aspect of humanity untouched by the declaration that Jesus was indeed the King of the Jews.
Three days later an empty tomb would also bear witness and attest to His Kingship over everything, even death.

Tonight we’ll gather for Maundy Thursday. Simply put it means we will be exhorted to love one another, and we take part in the Lord’s Supper.

Tomorrow evening we will join with a sister church for a Good Friday service and we’ll sing psalms and hymns and read Scripture. At the end the lights will symbolically go off and we will leave the room without speaking, a way of marking the darkness that fell as Christ, the Light of the world, took on the wrath of God.

But on Sunday…

On Sunday we will rejoice in the risen Savior! We will feast and celebrate that which should govern everyday of how we live.

Christ the Lord is risen! Indeed He is the King of Kings.

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