Sam’s World ~ It’s a Meme World

On Monday I shared one of Sam’s memes with y’all. Everybody seemed to be amused so I thought I would share a couple more with you.

He has made a lot of them. A.Lot.

Not all of them are as funny to us mere mortals as they are to him but that’s because his world is funnier than ours I think. But the ones that are funny to us show a glimpse into his world and I love that.

Some of the subjects in the memes repeat. When Sam finds something that gets a laugh he works it.

And for a kid that cannot have his green beans on the same plate as his chicken without panicking he loves to mash up the funniest people and characters.

He loves Grumpy Cat. One year we even had a Grumpy Cat cake for his birthday. He also enjoys Lord of The Rings. And Barney was a friend back in his younger days. Put the two together and well, you have a Sam meme.

Sam is a huge fan of SpongeBob. His favorite character is Patrick. What happens when Patrick meets LOTR? This.

Nothing and no one is safe from Sam’s meme maker. Michael Phelps? He’s got him. The first is one he made after watching Civil War this weekend.

This is what we lived with for days after Laura Bretan lost AGT.

He also went a little old school classic to share his dismay about his favorite act leaving the show.
The boy is pretty funny, don’t you think?

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