On My Front Porch

A few years ago I posted regularly about the sweet little family of birds that built a nest in the wreath on my front door. We were so sad when one day they just disappeared because a predator had gotten to them (apparently snakes can climb which is a thought almost worthy of therapy).

Well, a few weeks ago we noticed two little birds darting back and forth and sure enough we have another nest and it wasn’t long before we found four pretty little blue eggs inside.


We try to use the garage going and coming a little more often but the front door still swings open and shut quite a bit. (A total aside…if for no other reason I am thrilled to host their little home because it has actually made Sam more careful when he opens and closes the door. Something I have not been able to accomplish no matter what I tried.)

The first time around the parents-to-be where super quick to dart away if anyone was anywhere near the door, inside or out. But these guys wait until we are actually at the door and then kind of dive bomb away. Rob has actually had to gently knock on the door so they would fly away before he could open it to leave for work.

On Sunday we checked and still had eggs. On Monday I checked and low and behold three of the four eggs had hatched!

There was much rejoicing and oohing and ahhing. Tuesday afternoon I waited until mama flew away and then got the ladder out so I could take some pictures with my real camera and not just the cell phone.
At first they were all huddled up in a fuzzy little bunch. Sam saw the picture later and commented that they were so ugly they were beautiful.
The shutter click on my camera woke them pretty quickly and they have the sweetest little voices. And boy were they hungry! At first it was just the one holding his wobbly little head up with his beak wide open.
He looked so disgruntled when I had nothing to offer.
I guess he thought maybe I wasn’t listening so he got one of his siblings to join the chorus.
They made enough racket that a third joined in.
So far we haven’t seen the forth one yet. I think he is a little behind the others since his arrival was after theirs.
We are taking much pleasure in watching these little guys and it gives such a beautiful look at the amazing God that created all that is in heaven and on earth. 
And God blessed them, saying, 
“Be fruitful and multiply 
and fill the waters in the seas, 
and let birds multiply on the earth.
Genesis 1:22

2 thoughts on “On My Front Porch

  1. What pleasure this post brought to me today..thank you for these pictures and words…a lovely diversion from all the other drama on the internet.Mary, New Zealand.


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