Summer Time Fun

I have grand plans every summer of stuff I want to do while the kids are out of school and every year I fail miserably at doing any or even most of them. Time just gets away from me. At the beginning of our second week of summer break I felt myself beginning to panic that summer was almost over. Ridiculous I know but I couldn’t help it. So I took a deep breathe and did what my beloved suggested and made of list or plan of sorts. It’s really kind of a bucket list of things to do this summer and I have absolved myself of any guilt if we don’t get to everything. Trinitas is a great school and I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere else. But it’s rigorous and they work really hard during the school year so I want all of us to relax and just have fun. But I don’t want to get so relaxed that before you know it we’re back at it buying school supplies and gathering uniforms and hitting the books and we didn’t really do anything but laze about.

However, one of the things we really want to do is laze about at the beach or lake at least once a week or so. The weather didn’t cooperate much that third week of break but we have gone to the beach and the lake once already and it’s been nice to laze about on a rainy day reading and watching Merlin, America’s Got Talent, and American Ninja Warrior.

Last week Rob and I were out of town to the yearly conference for Classical Christian Schools and the kids stayed in the pool a lot. The had friends over and kept themselves busy and out of trouble.

We grew up at the beach with sand and lots of open space and big open water. Having spent most of my life here in the south with only a few trips north and northwest I have never spent any time on a river other than Blackwater. Rob assures me that a mountain lake would sway me over from beach baby to a lake lover in a heartbeat.

But as of right now with my limited knowledge I am not a fan of the river. I don’t like snakes or alligators and I kind of feel we are invading their space way more than we invade the space of sharks and jellyfish in the gulf.

So I was a little unsure how I would feel about visit to the local lake. But a couple of friends asked me about going a couple of weeks ago and since the gulf was a little stirred up from Tropical Storm Colin we loaded up and went.

The first thing some kid says to me is that somebody had just found and killed snake under the dock. Well, boy howdy that sounded dandy! But I held my panic in check and  refrained from loading everybody up and we found a good place to settle down.

We all just kind of looked at each other and just assumed, rightly or wrongly and please don’t correct me if it’s wrongly because ignorance is bliss, that with so much activity and so many people that the wild life would steer clear of our area.

We also chose to steer clear of the darker parts of the water. There was plenty of clear water near the docks and the kids had a blast jumping off and splashing around. Claire about gave me heart failure by swimming under the dock and was disappointed when I told her she wasn’t allowed to do that again.

The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing and none of us missed the sand when it was time to dry off. (They have a section with sand but we went across to the grassy side because it had more of a shallow section for wading. Otherwise you were immediately in water five feet deep.)

There is also a really nice boardwalk nature trail that was just long enough to walk so that everyone was good and dry before getting in the van. It really was a pretty place.

All in all it was a lot of fun and I think we may do it again. The kids certainly loved it.

2 thoughts on “Summer Time Fun

  1. This is our favorite place to go and where the kids would rather go to than the beach. Even our little guy asks to go here. It's closer than the beach is for us and is shark, red tide and jellyfish free. 😉


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