Well Informed Insanity

Various favorite quotes from friends and others around the www this week.

Upon hearing Trump say he is audited by the IRS because he is such a strong Christian ~

“And my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I could see my brain cells imploding from the insanity of it all” ~ Becky Johnson. 

There is no better reaction to such a ridiculous statement than hers.

From a letter my friend Susan penned to Senator Jeff Sessions after he endorsed the Donald ~
“Your endorsement of Drumpf at yesterday’s rally was garbled, I assume from chocking on your honer in lending your name to such a morally deficient and leightweight speller such as Drumpf. Did your cheeks burn when you heard he tweeted a Mussolini quote?”  

Ouch! I love how she used Trump’s own misspellings to further emphasize her point.  Chocking on your honer indeed.

There has been no shortage of memes this morning after Chris Christie’s pitiful why-is-my-world-on-fire-somebody-please-help-me look last night. My favorite tweet accompanying the picture was someone announcing a kick starter campaign to buy back Christie’s dignity.

Google searches for “how to move to Canada” spiked after the results of Super Tuesday were in.

And I really liked this cartoon:

It really is mind-boggling. Just, literally, unbelievable. But then I also saw this quote and it explains so much of why we are where we are.

“The first question with regard to the problem of culture is not the state of the world but the condition of the church.” ~Martin Lloyd-Jones

Should we be surprised that a man such as Trump has garnered the support of many evangelicals when for years the Gospel and what it truly means to live as Christ has been diluted down to an unrecognizable pale facsimile that is tasteless and ineffective?

Contentment and living within your means was given over to the American dream of having it all so the greed of Donald Trump does not phase us.

We have equated course talk with wit and sarcasm with intellect. No wonder his crude and unkind speech doesn’t give us pause.

His lack of faithfulness and honor in his relationships should be reprehensible only it’s not. Probably because relationships and marriages within the Church don’t look very different from those conducted outside of the Church.

His ability to talk and say nothing at all and yet cause people to shake their head in agreement as if pearls of wisdom have dripped from his lips is the political version of what is said from a lot of pulpits these days. It’s a tickling of ears and it’s what we have crafted for ourselves, demanded even, so that we can do our time each week and only feel slightly bad over the life we lead the other six days.

The other side of course doesn’t look any better. I mean, it’s Hillary. I don’t really need to say more, do I?

So what to do?

For many, it is panic mode time. Batten down the hatches, children, because the sky is about to fall and the world, the whole world mind you, not just ‘Merica, is about to explode. God is on His way to deal with this mess we’ve made and boy, is He mad!

Another quote I came across makes a beautiful counter argument for those who are wanting to give into fear.

“Fear is a good motivation to get people to finally do something. Fear is a poor motivation to get people to finally do something right.” ~ Thomas MacAnn

No matter how hopelessly idiotically ridiculous our country’s situation may look we are not a people that should be motivated by fear. George Grant, who posted the MacAnn quote also shared, “Lord have mercy. Church have courage.”

Have courage! God still sits on His throne and laughs, and my goodness is there much to laugh at!

Dr. Grant also shared this from Al Mohler ~ “As Christians wake up this morning, one thing is clear: we’re going to have to spend a great deal of time thinking and praying together about what faithfulness will look like in a way we never have before in terms of recent American presidential cycles. We’re also about to find out if Biblically-minded Christians are up to that task.”

This is far from over. But we need to be very careful how we move forward unless we find ourselves being used as weapons in the hand of the enemy.

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