Things To Remember In The New Year

1.) Hard does not mean bad.

Having to work hard for some thing makes our appreciation that much greater. Hard means can often bring us to a good end if we will just stay the course. Hard circumstances have a place in God’s working in our lives…suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. And even more, that hope does not put us to shame.

2.) Change is good.

This is a doozy for me! In a sermon a few weeks back Rob mentioned that we often view change as death. And most of us resist that death, that change, because we like living the way we live. But we are a people called to death because we are a people of the Resurrection and we know that true life comes from the dying.

3.) Busy shouldn’t always be a complaint.

Obviously, too much busy can be bad. And busy for the wrong reasons can be bad. Sometimes, we like the busy because it’s where we get our identity from…how we define ourselves. Or it’s a shield we hide behind so we don’t have to deal with something or think about something. Sometimes we keep busy just so we have something to complain about.

I have a friend who is an accomplished pianists and one morning I was sitting beside her while she played this beautiful piece of music. I mentioned how busy the page looked with all the musical notes and sweeping lines and other notations. She said she never chooses a piece that isn’t busy because it makes for a more interesting listen.

Wrongly ordered busyness in our lives makes for a cacophony of sound with out of place rests and clanging cymbals of aggravation. But rightly ordered busyness creates a symphony of praise as it is worked out in the day to day doing.

For sure, if we are living the wrong kind of busy and if we allow the wrong kind of hard into our lives (the kind that is a result of our own selfish desires and demands) and the wrong kind of change into our lives (the kind that stems from never being content or just old and set in our ways) then our song follows the tune of the world.

In this year ahead I want to remember these things and move to the beat of a different drum…to heed the command to sing a new song to the Lord.

Oh, sing to the Lord a new song,
for He has done marvelous things!
His right hand and holy arm
have worked salvation for him.
Psalm 98:1
Linking up with a few friends this week as we consider the new year and new beginnings.

7 thoughts on “Things To Remember In The New Year

  1. \”We are a people called to death, because we are a people of the Resurrection.\” Wow! I love that. (You have a very wise man by your side. Such good reminders here, Marty, to choose wisely and in doing so – we honor God. Wonderful post!


  2. Lovely post, Marty. I love how God gives each of us different things to remember that speak to the season we are in and in the places in our lives He knows we need it. And Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a wonderful day overflowing with all good things and those you love.


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