It’s Here!


I am so excited!

Back in January I wrote about my wonderful friends and their generosity and kindness in starting a nest egg for me to save toward a new camera.

Well last night that camera arrived and I could not be more excited and thrilled.

A Canon 6d.

And sshhhhh…don’t tell Sam but it has video capabilities.

And there is so much else to it that I don’t even know yet and that is perfectly wonderful.

I know if you aren’t a photography buff then this really doesn’t make any sense to you and I am sorry this is probably boring to you, but guys!

This is an amazing camera. It’s the entry level of the professional series and all of a sudden I realize that I sound just like a guy going all crazy about catalytic converters and hydraulic systems and such 🙂

Did I mention it’s a full frame? It is and that is one of my favorite things.

What’s the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame sensor you ask?

I just happen to have a visual aid to show you!

I took both of these photos standing in the exact same spot, first with the 50d (crop) and the 6d (full frame) using the same 50mm lens.

These are both practically sooc too and I really love the way the 6d handles the light as well as the color and clarity difference.

I’ve already watched my first youtube tutorial and started ear marking parts of the manual that came with it.

Again, I say I am so excited ya’ll!

And truly, I am humbled by my friends and this incredible gift. And my sweet husband who let me tuck away money into the camera fund the last eight months.

I am blessed beyond measure.

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