Happy Monday

What a great weekend! Beautiful weather, a wonderful double date on Friday night with some special friends to celebrate their anniversary, family time on Saturday and the opportunity to photograph an incredibly strong and precious preemie baby, and a Sabbath blessed with sweet worship and fellowship.

It was great, I tell ya!

In my previous post I mentioned the app I use while walking. It tracks my distance, calories used, and number of steps taken. Like any normal woman I have often wondered just how much distance I cover and how many steps I take on a typical day of grocery shopping in Walmart. So, on Saturday when Claire and I went to do our weekly shopping, I turned the app on as I went into the store. Yep, I walk almost two miles and take over four thousand steps. I knew that trip was a mini work out! And the app doesn’t even factor in the the constant lifting and picking up of items or the pushing of the weighted cart as I go along. I figure that can get filed under resistance training 🙂

The picture of the map of our actual trek around the store gave a us a good laugh too. Normally I go early on Saturday morning before it gets to crowded but we ended up going late afternoon when it was a little more hectic. Yes, I do have a list but you can still see where I had to back track a few times. Plus there are some people behind a buggy that makes you wish there was some kind of competency test you had to take before they allowed you to take one off by yourself.

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