Is This Necessary and Other Random Things I Found While Shopping

Seriously, dumping the package into a pot of water wasn’t easy enough?

This really had me laughing for some reason. Maybe it’s the idea that the company is somehow saying they aren’t as bad as those other companies who have their items made in China or Taiwan. They just buy all the parts and pieces from foreign countries but it is good ol’ American elbow grease that puts it together. “Because we care about the economy a little bit.”

These are just a siren song to gluttony. I thought the unwrapped Starburst were bad but these are just down right wicked. I didn’t buy them mainly because  you can’t hide white chocolate from the children in the glove compartment of the car the way you can hide Starburst because we’re all about being healthy but I will admit that I stopped and just stared at it for a few minutes with a goofy expression of enchantment on my face.

Do you ever pass things in the store and marvel at this age of awesomeness we live in or just sort of scratch your head at our consumer ridiculousness?

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