Where I Am Living These Days

No, I haven’t moved or anything but since the kids have been home all summer and since the dishwasher decided to only wash half my dishes I am spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

There are dishes to be washed just about all the time.

Don’t worry, I am not keeping the kids from helping but I handle most of it during the day and then they take care of dinner clean up. A fine arrangement as far as I am concerned!

I also have them help with the drying and putting away some times. It puts a quick end to the “I’m bored” comments in no time 🙂

The biggest issue is actually the stuff that somehow accumulates all over the counter tops. In the midst of the busy activities it’s easy to forget to deal with things as they happen and before you know it the mess is messier than it needs to be.

I don’t know about anyone else but there are also a hundred different interruptions as well. Some legit but some created by my own lack of attentiveness.

Then of course there is the healthy eating boot camp Rob and I have been in all summer, too. Healthy food, I am learning, takes thought and time. And trying to teach these new habits to the kids is…well, a challenge to say the least. But with the help of pinterest I am able to get them interested in trying new recipes.

Hence I really do feel like I am living in my kitchen these days. But honestly I don’t really mind. Because God shows His grace in a thousand little ways in the kitchen.

As the last dish is dried and put away I reflect and ponder on His goodness.

Dirty dishes are a sign of God’s provision of food and sustenance. And not just tasteless fuel for our body but things that delight the pallet. Things that are just simply to enjoy and reveal His lavish delight in offering good things to His children.

As counter tops are cleaned and things put to rights I am reminded that He invites me to be part of His redemptive work…that the washing and drying and returning a sense of order are all acts that mimic and reflect the Gospel work of His son who came to restore and return order to our world.

It also produces a place where further work can be done. The next meal or treat can be prepared and the table sits ready and waiting to receive the bounty.

All of which reminds me that heaven is not some far off place out yonder. That now, even now, we live with the reality of heaven ever present in this world because the King is an ever present presence.

Join me in visiting some other blogging friends who are sharing where they live. You will be refreshed and blessed both by the beauty of the camera skills and the gracious and God honoring words.

Tim      Julie    Connie   Cindy    Patricia

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