All Lives Matter

Do they? Are we sure we mean that when we make that statement?
I think that it is good and right for us to push hard for momentum against Planned (Un)Parenthood. I think every legitimate interview, story and video you come across should be shared as publicly as it could possibly be shared. The shroud behind which they operate must be torn down to expose them for what they are.
I agree with Pastor Toby Sumpter that we should pile it on right now and we fight our enemies with truth and grace and we are relentless as we pursue them.
But let us be clear that it is not enough to just save the babies.

Do all lives matter? We say so. But do our actions bear that out? Do they matter as long as their messy train wreck stays away from our dinner table? As long as they stay in their part of town and out of our nice clean neighborhoods?

Those babies come with mamas and the vast majority of them are in situations where they are overwhelmed or ill prepared to deal with their circumstances. And that mama didn’t get pregnant by herself…there is a father somewhere.
What good is it if we convince them that their baby’s life matters if we aren’t willing to do all that we can to show them that their life matters as well?
James 2:16 should echo in our ears as we press forward against our foe.
“And one of you says to them, “go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?”

Contact your local crisis pregnancy center and ask them how you can help. They need stuff so by all means give them your money…give them all of your money. But also give of your time…of yourself…because what they really need are more people being Christ to the ones they are helping. Because what the babies and mamas and daddies really need is Christ and His gospel.
Because all lives do, indeed, matter.

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