I had forgotten how loud having the kids home can be. Me and the cats are apparently rather quiet together. We also agree on which Pandora station to listen to. And it usually doesn’t involve words like Taylor Swift, Disney anything, or High School Musical.

I had forgotten what it’s like to have them all asking what’s for breakfast-lunch-dinner-and-can-I-have -a-snack,-please? Tom and Milo just sit by their bowls and stare at me until I get their food. I might talk out loud to myself as I make my luncheon decisions, “A salad would be a much better choice, Marty, than pizza bites. You don’t really even like pizza bites, silly” but it’s still just one voice and I never ask myself for a snack as I am leaving the table or whine when fruit is suggested instead of marshmallows.

I had also forgotten what a seemingly pointless endeavor cleaning is when the children are home all day. It is a perpetual circling from room to room for the entire day picking up, telling someone to pick something up and then vowing to just throw it all away if it gets left out on the piano, the bar, the floor, or the kitchen table again.

I had forgotten just how creative they can be when strewing wet bathing suits and damp towels all over the patio, living room furniture, and bedroom floors.

And just exactly how many times they can open and close the back door in 15.7 seconds.

I am not complaining, mind you.

Just rememberin’ as the second week of summer break draws to a close.

I’m adjusting.

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