The First Week of April

Day One ~
Spring has sprung and the shades of green are lovely.

Day Two ~
Hints of rain as clouds roll across the sky. There is a weird but beautiful light that comes with gray clouds such as these.

Day Three ~
The first day of Spring Break 2015! Where else would we spend it?


Day Four ~
I love the beach. My kids love the beach. My beloved does not love the beach. It’s not often that we all go together but on Saturday we went to Ft Pickens and stomped around before heading to the beach to have a dinner picnic. I do a lot of pictures at the fort but for some reason this is the first year I am really noticing the pretty little wild flowers growing everywhere.

Day Five ~ Resurrection Day!
What a blessed and wonderful day we celebrate!

Day Six ~
Monday was low key and laid back. Not having to juggle everyone’s schedules and activities is a nice break from this busy almost at the end of the school year season. Plus it’s grilling time!

Day Seven ~

Again at the fort and the beach! Sam loves the fort and  when we went Saturday he didn’t get to spend as much time exploring as he wanted so I promised we’d go back. The easy thing about these last few visits is that we’re not actually swimming. We enjoy our picnic and watch the sun set. Can you think of a better way to end the day than this?

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