Welcome to Egypt

You might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that Claire woke up with a fever and she missed out on a special day at school. Second grade studies ancient Egypt and the study culminates in a huge feast where the kids dress in costume and do some crafts and enjoy Egyptian food. Needless to say Claire was devastated to miss it.

This is where 3rd grade teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Phillips, saved the day. She offered to come to our house and celebrate Egyptian Day with Claire. It was so much fun! Mrs. Phillips even came in costume! It is not a day Claire is likely to forget.

She loaned me the stuff the school has on hand so I could set our feast table.


There were books to look at and discuss as well as games to be played.

Mrs. Phillips helped Claire make a cartouche by carving her name into clay using hieroglyphics.

Claire’s favorite was making her face mask. She’ll join the other kids in painting and decorating it at school.

They also did basket weaving. Long thin reeds are soaked in water and woven together.

Back at our feast table we enjoyed Egyptian stew, cucumbers and yogurt, raisin, grapes with honey, honey carrots, and pita bread with humus.

All in all it was a wonderful morning and we couldn’t be more thankful for someone like Mrs. Phillips! She went above and beyond and helped give Claire an Egyptian Day like no other!
Thank you, Mrs. Phillips! We love you and can’t wait for Claire to be in your class next year learning all about the Greeks!

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