DPP ~ Day Four

I enjoy having real flowers in our house. They add such charm and beauty and just an overall cheerfulness.  For years it has been part of my weekly grocery budget to pick up a bouquet usually to sit on the piano or mantle.

Over the last year I have branched out (See what I did there?) and have three plants in my living room that I haven’t killed. It’s a source of pride that I have managed to keep both them and the children alive.

Last summer while at Home Depot I snagged a couple of succulents and a cactus off the clearance rack figuring they’d be great in our bathroom and be low maintenance. I am totally fascinated with this type of plant and would love to have more of them around our house.

A couple of days ago I noticed that our cactus had sprouted a tiny little flower. It made me smile to see the soft pale yellow petals amid all of the pokey white needles. I had no idea our cactus would ever flower so it was a lovely surprise.

DPP 2014 Day Four

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