The Color of Death

Death comes to us in many shapes and forms over our life times. Physical death awaits all of us, but smaller deaths are encountered almost every day.

The death of a dream or a particular life circumstance…death of relationships…death to our own desires and wants.

To be sure death is the last desperate measure of a defeated enemy who doesn’t know he has been defeated. It brings about pain and sadness no matter the when, the where, or the how.

As I sit writing this the full brunt of autumn color is peaking. It’s my favorite time of year with its rich, vibrant hues. I look at the beautiful reds and golds and marvel that these tones only come by way of dying as the trees shed life.

Everything we do as Christians should look vastly different than the way it is done by those who do not call Christ King. Even our deaths and we should look for the opportunity to die.

For the Christian we can face death with the same sanguine and robust tones of autumn. The jeweled colors of grace and dignity should flame bright as we die to our self each day, preferring others more than ourselves, submitting our wants and desires to His good and perfect will, and yes even as we face that final death.

Because for the Christian death, any death, is really just the beginning of a resurrection. And what dies is never better than what comes after.

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