Our Five Senses ~ Sound

Cacophony: a harsh discordant mixture of sounds

synonyms ~ din, racket, noise, uproar

In my house it sounds like Sam’s guffaw mingling with the giggles of the girls as they all crowd around Sarah’s

computer to watch their favorite clips from Mr. Bean.

It’s the sound of the metronome’s tic toc keeping time to Emily’s piano playing.

It’s the clang of plates and silverware as the table is being set and the oven timer goes off.

Its the low rumble of a kitten’s purr as they settle in our laps for an evening snooze.

The sound of his voice telling me he loves me as he kisses me goodnight.

The rustle of the bed covers and the familiar sounds of the house settling down for the night.

It’s the sounds of grace and blessing…sweet reminders that I live a life of abundance…evidence of His provision.

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