Not Going To Waste It

The weather this week has been so wonderful! My windows have been open and I have found myself finding reason to be outside frequently.
In the last couple of weeks I’ve been to the beach or near the beach for a variety of reasons like photo shoots or dinner to celebrate buying our home.
But I haven’t been able to stop long enough during those times to enjoy my happy place.
So today one of my best girlfriends will drop her son off at school while I drop mine off at the school and we will head to the beach. With packed lunches and cameras in hand we’re going to wander the fort, feel the breeze blowing, lift our faces to the sun, and put our toes in the sand.
I realize this glorious autumn weather we’re having probably won’t last…we live in Florida after all.
But for this day I am going to savor it…rejoice in it…and not waste a single ray of that autumn sunshine.

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