Bless This House

It’s official, we now have a mortgage!

We closed on the house yesterday. We’ve lived here for three years, so honestly I kind of thought we’d just go sign some papers and you know, “Woot! We own a home.” So I was a little bit surprised at how giddy I felt after we signed and signed and signed some more papers.

But I am. Positively giddy and truth be told, it felt different walking into the house knowing that it is actually our home now. We don’t ever have to move again unless we want to.

I had very little to do with the process since Rob has handled everything. We’ve had the best possible experience you could possibly have…all the pieces just came together for us to buy it. Part of the reason it all went so smoothly is because of our friend Cinnamon. She is a real estate agent who loves what she does and is fantastic at it. If you’re in the area and you need an agent she’s your gal.

Now that we’ve closed on the house we’ve got a few major projects coming up like getting a new pool liner, a sprinkler system installed, and the kids will do some bedroom swapping. I also have a pinterest board with various other project ideas…Rob is thrilled about it 🙂

It’s so exciting!

While I was pondering this whole life event this week I found myself thanking God for His provision and asking some very specific prayers.

Our front door.
May it swing wide in welcome and gracious hospitality and be an entrance to a place of refuge.

Our kitchen.
May our meals, however simple, be eaten in peace with gratitude. And may we give as generously to others as you have given to us.

Our living room.
May the comfortable chairs and cushy couch be fertile ground so that conversations that are like apples of gold in settings of silver will flourish.

Our bathrooms.
As we shower and wash may we be reminded that You have washed us clean through the redeeming work of Your Son.

Our bed rooms.
May we lie down in peace because You have caused us to dwell in safety.

Pool side.
May we frolic like children in the abundance of the good and perfect gift you have given us.

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