Pinterest Test Kitchen # 67 ~ Marinated and Sauteed Mushrooms

edible fungi, mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms

I like mushrooms and, like most vegetables, once you’ve eaten them fresh canned just will not do. The nifty thing is that they can be as easy to prepare as simply cleaning and chopping them. They can be eaten raw or sauteed (my favorite) or grilled, alone or as an add in.

I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with a mushroom. I mean, it’s such a fungi!

Ba-dum ching!

Come on, you had to see it coming 🙂

Seriously though, while a mushroom is neither plant nor animal it is an extremely healthy food, really good for our immune systems and are also a good source of vitamin D.

I came across this recipe for grilled mushrooms and since I am all about some grilling I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I had some issues following the recipe exactly. I had no idea what harissa was much less where to find it. (It’s a Moroccan pepper sauce so no big surprise that I couldn’t find it on the shelf at Walmart.) I must be lacking in my cooking skills department too because I just could not get the mushrooms to stay on the skewers. Not one to be easily discourage though, I tweaked the recipe to suit what I did have on hand sauteed them after marinating for about 30 minutes and they were delicious!

edible fungi, mushrooms, marinaded mushrooms

What you’ll need:
1 TBS olive oil
2 TBS balsamic vinegar
2 TBS minced garlic
Italian seasoning to taste
8 oz fresh mushrooms (look for ones that are as unblemished and white colored as possible)
What you’ll do:
Mix first four ingredients together.
Gently toss mushrooms until completely coated with the marinade. 
Wait 30 minutes and then saute over medium heat until the mushrooms reach your desired consistency. 

We ate ours as a side but you could use them to top chicken or steak. Next time I will double the recipe because they were just so good.

And, hey if you manage to get them to stay on skewers come back and let me know the secret.

edible fungi, mushrooms, marinaded mushrooms

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