Parenting is hard and sometimes it can be really hard.

You have to make difficult decisions and then follow through with them. And sometimes you can explain the reasons behind your decision and then sometimes you can’t.

Everything we do should be done for the benefit of our children…for their good. Even when they don’t think it is.

Our goal with every decision, with every act and moment of discipline is to strengthen our children in their faith, in righteousness and obedience.

And sometimes we screw it up.

Sometimes you realize that all the correction hasn’t been a lifting up but rather putting down; oppressive instead of liberating.

Those are interesting words aren’t they? In relation to sin and correcting I mean. I haven’t thought about it that way, not really. But Scripture is full of the imagery of God lifting His people up, of raising them up out of the pit.

Our correcting, not just as parents but as brothers and sisters in Christ, should be done with that same idea in mind. We correct, not so that we can defeat the sin in our children’s hearts, but so that we can lift them up out of the pit of their sinfulness.

It is a battle to be sure and sin is the enemy and we do want to defeat it. But if we are so intent on defeating the foe, on waging war against the sin itself, it is quite easy to forget the personhood of the one that we seek to liberate.

I’m not saying that we should not correct ~ far from it actually. But our correcting needs to be focused on the redemptive work in the mind and soul and heart of our child and not just the big black ugly sin.

Why? Because we want to shape and form a heart that not only hears correction but loves it. Because sometimes we want obedience in little things because there will come a day when He will want obedience in big things.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. This is so true, even of correcting our brothers and sisters in Christ. I find it so difficult to confront at times because I am so afraid that the person will not feel loved. Sometimes, no matter what disclaimer I put out first or how softly I speak, it still hurts more than helps. I think I'm learning that it has a lot to do with our perspective, like you said. If our heart has the right motivation and we're looking at it form the right angle, it's very healthy and uplifting…when we look at the person's best interest and encouraging toward sweet obedience instead of just pointing out their sin and attacking it and trying to push it away. I often forget that there is a perosn behind all that sin.


  2. We are reminded in Scripture that all discipline is painful for a moment but that it will yield a peaceable fruit. We're also told that faithful are the wounds of a friend. Both things should encourage us in our pursuit of godly relationships and help us have a right heart towards correction whether we are giving or receiving 🙂


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