Bird Watching Update

We had a slight moment of panic concerning our front door guest when Sam bounded into the living room and said, “Yep, Mom, you were right! There are eggs in the nest!”

Turns out that he reached a hand up and picked one up and checked it out before replacing it. We were all a little freaked out, including him, when we explained that if we handle the eggs the mama might abandon them.

Thankfully she did return and is on the nest often which means we are not using the front door often. It can’t be helped all the time but we are doing what we can. There is the occasional good-natured mumble about birds controlling our lives but everybody is a bird watcher in our house now.

While she was gone for a bit yesterday I pulled a stool over and managed to snap a quick shot of the little eggs. There are five little eggs in that tiny little nest. Their home is going to be all kinds of crowded when the little guys hatch!

I did some more research and we can expect the babies sometime towards the end of next week probably. The incubation period is twelve to fourteen days. They stay pretty quiet for the first week or so but then apparently can get quite rowdy during dinner time. The will stick around anywhere from ten to nineteen days before the fly the coop so to speak.

Interesting fact: house finches are one of the only breeds of bird that feed their young only plant matter.

I’ll keep you updated on the birth…hopefully I’ll be able to get a few pictures after their arrival.

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