13 thoughts on “My Heart Is Glad

  1. Powerful Scripture. Not only is the heart glad, but the whole being rejoices and the flesh is secure. The LORD needs to be before us and all these beautiful gifts follow! Glad I came by from Sunday Stillness.Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  2. I'm thankful for this verse–it speaks to my need. Today had unexpected pressures that I brought to the Lord, and the day ended with assurance that the Lord had heard my prayers.


  3. God speaks to me of nor worrying and trusting my dilemma on his care … That he is holding my hand and guiding me .. and your scripture is just ensuring me even more … \”Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken\”! Thank you Marty … His love and the way He speaks to us is wonderful! Thank you for this blessing & encpuragement!


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