So, How’s It Going?

When I started the first blog it was easy. The kids were little and there always seemed to be some little story to share. Words seemed to come easier then too and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Extended silence on Sam’s Family was rare but did happen occasionally. And then I got quiet and realized a couple of things.

First, children are a lot funnier when they are little. There are fewer haha moments – that, or they’re old enough now that I need to take into account their feelings on whether or not I should share the haha moments.

Second, I’ve gotten older as well. (More on that in a bit.) For me this means that the words don’t come as easily now. I hope this is because I’ve learned to measure my words carefully and to let what I say mean something. I’ve come to appreciate the truths found in the tenth chapter of Proverbs: with many words transgressions are not lacking, and nourishment is found in the lips of the righteous to mention a few nuggets of wisdom found there.

When I started this blog my intent was nothing more than to have a place to share my photography. But I quickly learned that I am more of a storyteller than I thought, and I need both words and pictures to satisfy. But I still had plans to be all grown up and scheduled about it. Mondays would be recipe days. Tuesday was for posts on wifery and parenting or Christian womanhood or some other specific topic. I would share an image on Wordless Wednesday. Friday would be some kind of sharing highlighted with pictures, and Sunday would be (and still is) a Scripture verse paired with an image.

My goodness, looking at it all laid out like that seems kind of crazy. And if you just mosey through the previous few weeks you can see that I clearly haven’t been keeping that schedule. At first it was the holidays and just being out of the rhythm. Tried to get back to it only to get derailed again this time by my birthday and a long weekend.

Basically, life happens and there isn’t always time to blog about it or through it. So I am officially letting myself off the hook…no more stressing that oh-good-gracious-it’s-Sunday-and-I-haven’t-written-up-the-recipe-for-tomorrow or whatever. (Watch, I’ll say this and be on some kind of blogging marathon for the next month.)

Life gets busy but one of the best parts of my week happens on Wednesdays. Wednesday is moms group. I love it! I love the noise and the little people, the food and friendship. It’s an amazing group of women and they all have so many talents and skills. One of them started the neatest project at the beginning of the year. She’s crocheting a sky blanket. In preparation she gathered yarn in various shades of blues and grays. Every morning she looks at the sky and chooses the yarn that most closely matches it. She then crochets one row. (Since this is a year long project she’ll obviously end up with 365 rows. She determined that half of that would make a nice width so each row is around 182 stitches.) So far it is absolutely beautiful and I can only imagine how lovely the completed blanket will be. And how smart are the safety pins? She has them every so many stitches to help make sure of her counting. This actually really makes me want to learn to crochet.

Okay, so I mentioned that I recently had a birthday. I turned forty three this past Sunday. I told my beloved this morning that I am solidly in middleagedness. He just gave me this sweet smile and told me he delights in my gray hair. How could I not be happy growing old with him?

But still. This has happened.

That’s right. I have officially joined the ranks of the straight arm brigade. Without these nifty little things on my face I hold anything I need to be able to see as far away from my body as humanly possible. How does that happen? It literally seemed to happen over night and don’t even get me started on the gray hairs. I know, and I am thankful he delights in them, but honest to goodness when did I get so old?

And when exactly will I start to feel like a grown up?

28 thoughts on “So, How’s It Going?

  1. Much to my daughter's chagrin I am going grey. I am 45 and done with the bottle! And blogging. Let yourself off the hook and enjoy what you can do! I always enjoy popping in and reading. Have a blessed day!


  2. holy cow, how parallel our lives. except i'm older {the one and only time i'll admit}… blogging wordlessness, birthdays {14th for me}, & semi-blindness ;)… love the crocheted blanket-looks like she's using a beautiful quality yarn… and i love the concept. love. you should learn-it is peace-evoking. and for the kiddos? seems that we are just around them less… and we {my husband and i} conjure up memories to fill the spaces when they are off with friends or activities… thanks for stopping by my blog-your link didn't work, though it seems you entered it correctly. i googled you to find you. πŸ˜‰


  3. I enjoy \”seeing through your lens\”. I just turned 46 and joined the brigade about the same age you did. It's not so bad, and there are advantages at every stage of life. You are beautiful and blessed to have a wonderful husband to share this time with. Thanks for you thoughts today.


  4. I'm glad you took the time to look me up, Patty! It's always great to hear from other people that they are in the same place or have been…gives hope that we can make it through πŸ˜‰


  5. Aww, thanks, chica! Funny how the blogging comes and goes. Ironically, I thought about you while I was writing that part because you still have littles to provide some comedic fodder. Although it's not as if I don't do ridiculous things…maybe I should just open up the blog one day and just do a stream of consciousness kind of post…I am positive that hilarity would ensue!


  6. Sometimes I have a hard time with good post ideas – I try to be authentic and just share what's going on and let the \”deep\” posts come naturally. I've been in glasses since I was 5 and bifocals since I was 8 – I consider them a fashion accessory!


  7. Marty… you are beautiful girl. I'm so glad you still blog – I get my Marty fix every day. As far as glasses and grey hair go, didn't you know that old age accessories are cool? You wait and see – one day, you'll be rockin' the walker and Depends! and even then I am sure your sweet family will always have something to laugh at. (btw, I have a Sam story that I haven't shared with you.. πŸ™‚ ) love ya. ~sg


  8. I think you hit the nail on the head, Tamar! The deep thoughtful post need to happen organically or they just come across as fake. Two of my children have had glasses since they were little so they know how to make it look good, too πŸ™‚


  9. I've been struggling with my blogging lately, too. I think when we first start we have so much to say…so many ideas to share. And then, after a while, it becomes just one more thing we have to do. I have 3 blogs I post on regularly and all 3 have been slow. Maybe I need to pare down and let others do the talking.


  10. Three blogs is a lot! What's really crazy about the whole thing is that I have about a gazillion post in my head but I just can't always get them to come out in a way that is cohesive and beautiful. I may just need to slow down and take time so each one can flow out naturally instead of pushing to get something out.


  11. Blog on!!! And thank you for sharing the sky blanket. I think I will start one myself with all the yarn I have stashed away. I have just the right shades of sky, too! Aloha


  12. Sky blanket, huh? What a neat concept!Way to go realizing everything does not have to happen according to plan. Although plans are still good, it's okay to step outside them too.


  13. I had to laugh at your description of your scheduled early blog days! I did exactly the same thing and I still find myself trying to figure out a schedule now and then, but I mostly just give in to the fact that posts happen when inspiration strikes these days! I'm a woman of not too many words, so photos seem to take the lead for me. :)I've always wondered when the whole eyesight thing kicks in…I'm approaching the big 4-0 myself (next year!) and am finding myself curious to know if one really does begin to fall apart (physically) a bit when reaching that milestone?! πŸ™‚ Grey hairs are already becoming highlights in my hair, but I'm okay with it. Perhaps they are evidence of life's wisdom beginning to peek through. At least, I hope that is the case…


  14. I think you're on to something there, Melissa, about the gray hair. What's the Scripture about it being a crown and a glory?Everyone told me that when I turned forty things would start to fall about but I managed a few more years before it actually happened πŸ™‚ Maybe you'll do the same with those little fellas and sweet baby girl around to keep you young!


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