Beach Day!

When you live in Florida you have to know one thing about the weather.

It be all cray cray.

One day it’s seventeen degrees and three days later we’re in the seventies. It’s kind of crazy trying to keep up but you just go with it.

When it dropped down into the teens we bundled up and the kids tucked blankets around themselves on the ride to school. We poked frozen water in the birdbaths and checked out the redneck ice sculptures made by some neighbors hooking their water hose to a ladder and letting it run all night. We drank plenty of hot cocoa too.

When it jumped up to the high sixties a few days later we did what any self respecting Florida living beach loving people would do.

We went to the beach. I warned them it was still going to be cold and to bundle up some but they still were not quite prepared so we didn’t stay too terribly long. The beach, even for twenty minutes, is still the beautiful beach and worth it.

The sand was still wet and pretty cold from the rain earlier so she had Sam carry her on his back. He didn’t seem to mind. Notice that sweet smile?

Don’t be fooled by it. He dumped her off right after.

Claire stalked the wildlife.

And Emmie and Ab chased each other to stay warm.

Sarah and Sam were back at it again.

 He escapes though.

And I have no idea what was happening here.

Sarah tried to give Claire a ride on her shoulders. It went well I think.

Love my babies. Days like this will become rare as they grow up. You think about such things when you have a senior in the house I guess. But for today I am just going to remember their laughter, the blue skies and the seagulls as they raced across the sky.

15 thoughts on “Beach Day!

  1. If it was sixty degrees here, you'd have people SWIMMING at the beach! The midwest is just frigid. It's flurrying right now again, temperature with wind chill is in the teens, and we think it's a heat wave when the thermometer reaches forty ; )


  2. I don't know why or how part of my comment cut off. But what I meant to say was \”One day my kids went down to the beach to take pictures of icicles…\” And for some reason I left the \”s\” off of shorts. Who knows what is goes on in this brain of mine lately.


  3. It looks so beautiful out, even in the cold! We had some weather like that not too long ago, cold, cold temps in the teens then weather in the 60's by the end of the week!


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