Going Through The Door

There has been the occasional nudge of sorts lately to put my camera down. To walk away and leave it be. To be done.

Seems odd, doesn’t it? When I love it so much.

But I think I have figured out what the little nudging is. I think I’ve been in this room too long. I’ve gotten comfortable. And complacent. Settled. So I have a few choices.

I can leave. Meaning I can set the camera down and move on to some other hobby or creative something.

I can stay. I can continue in the same way I am now. Doing ok. Taking pictures the way I’ve been taking pictures. Settle in on the comfy couch so to speak.

Or I can let that nudge move me to open the door. To see what comes next. To just see more…look a little further…a little deeper.

We are created in the image of an infinite God. There is always more to see. More poems to write. More music to play. More songs to sing. More pictures to paint. More pottery to shape.

In my case it’s not a numerical more. But I want to capture more. It’s not really something I can articulate. I just know there is more to learn…more to practice. If we create because He creates, and I believe we do or at least should, and because He is infinite then there is always going to be another door to walk through.

Because He is always drawing us ever closer to Himself.

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