Day Eighteen ~ DPP

I have the joy of spending a morning each week with a group of really great moms and their super cute babies. We gather to chat and visit, share food and recipes, stories and laughter. Sometimes we talk about some serious stuff and some times not. It is sweet precious fellowship.
We’ve had a baby boom recently. We’re even missing one of our little friends in this picture.

Once we did the above picture we noticed our little friend setting up her babies for a photo op.

 Besides eating and visiting some of the moms crochet, knit and do other stitching work. I just take pictures and offer food 🙂

The kids are really good at playing and getting along for the most part.

They can be pretty goofy.

I’m blessed by my friendship with these young moms. They make me a better mother…friend…they bless me more than they know.

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