Day Two ~ DPP 2013

I forget sometimes, to look for the light in unexpected places…for beauty in the ordinary. I’ve been busy with editing a bunch of mini sessions I did (a fundraiser for my daughter’s jr/sr trip) and I love how they are turning out. The families were all so fun and the pictures are just great. I love doing portraits. Of working to capture that smile or expression that really reflects a personality. And spending time with the families who have become friends.

I’m thankful for the busy-ness and for the friends we had visit over the holiday weekend. But I’m thankful for the timing of this yearly photo project too. Because I need to be reminded that there is rest in the normal things of life like the way sunlight comes in the window in the morning and illuminates the leaves of a house plant that I have managed to not kill or the almost readiness of the first lemon on our tree. I need to be reminded to look for the common grace in the quiet.

Not everything is planned or perfectly arranged…but there is simple joy to be found even then.

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