Union With Christ

In the liturgy, our words and actions are not merely those of individuals, but of the body. We speak together, sing together, pray together, listen together, and eat together as a body. At first it seems weird to us to worship like this – and this is, I think, for two reasons. 

First, because of the fall we are inclined to think primarily of ourselves. We are self-interested, self-focused, self-absorbed. 

Secondly, it is because this way of being has been sewn into the fabric of our culture. We are conditioned by our culture to be opposed to anything that causes us to conform to others. 

Liturgy, like union with Christ, forces us to realize that it isn’t about us, 
and that being a part of the body is where we find our true identity.
As we do all of these things together, we are pushed outside of ourselves, 
and we become more truly who our Lord wants us to be. 

6 thoughts on “Union With Christ

  1. Dear MartyYes, my friend, it is all about Jesus and the way He wishes to teach us through each other! I like the way you eat together! That was the way the first believers came together nearly every day.Blessings XXMia


  2. We gather at the Lord's Table each week for communion (a rare thing in a Baptist Church, as is a formal liturgy) and we also eat together after our service each Sunday. The only time we don't is the first Sunday of the month when we are encouraged to gather for a meal in each other's homes.


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